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Is ALITALIA OSFP friendly,



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I'm flying ALITALIA to Greece for Easter.

I have used them in the past (2 years or so ago), and was very satisfied with service. At the time they used Continental Air for flight from US to Italy, and then their own plane for Greece. I think now it's ALITALIA all the way, so I'm really not sure as to what has changed (in terms of quality of service and ... OSFP friendlyness! ).

I'll let you know when I get back.... :D

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My parents have been flying Alitalia to Greece for the past 5 years (Chicago - Milan, Milan - Thessaloniki or Athens). They have been quite happy with them.

On the other hand I have been looking for airline tickets for this summer, and the cheapest ones seem to be with Swiss Air. I have not used Swiss Air in like 15 years, and don't know what to expect.

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Two or three years back Swiss Air went bust and as a result a few Greeks, including one I know, landed from Athens to Switzerland only to find that the company had gone bust and they had to find their own departing flight.

There are also a few countries (such as Greece, France, Italy) that go on strikes (especially the air controllers) more often than others.

I do not know how Swiss Air is faring these days but this is one reason I get cold feet when I fly almost any airline other than Lufthansa. Unfortunately, I am not the only one thinking this way and Lufthansa is, or appears to be, full on the days that interest me.

Thanks for the info.

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Try KLM - the Dutch airline (which merged with Air France).... I remember them as being pretty decent. And their fares were reasonable as well... I looked into it this year, and I didn't choose them because of the connetion flights to Thessaloniki (spread too wide apart) -- maybe they're better connections (more frequent) for Athens (I assume you're looking to go to Athens).

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From here that I am I use Air France - Delta flights from Cincinnati-Paris-Athens.

I only used ALITALIA once and my experience was not a pleseant one. But I have an Italian friend here that he is using ALITALIA all the time and he is very happy.

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I have used most airlines that fly to Athens and have found:

Lufthansa, KLM, SwissAir (now bankrupt and revived with the help of Singapore Airlines as SWISS), British Airways to be the best followed by

Air France , Alitalia, Iberia

From JFK direct, Delta is the only choice, Olympic is one of my worst experiences :tdown:, but they do fly to Boston, Torronto, Montreal and used to fly to Chicago

If you are willing to try new routes Air Lingus, Iceland Air, Austrian, Lauda Air, and SAS have specials sometimes...

For the cheapest fares you might try Eastern European carriers like:

Malev, Balkan, Tarom ect

Your best chances for good connections are London and Frankfurt, most US carriers fly there as well


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