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  1. Can someone remind me of a worse excuse of a game than vs Maribor? Karagounis was not good enough for this team!!!? :o Fornarolli , Zeka Toche, Vitolo, make me want to throw up! Not that Pinto and Velasquez are any better... Play the young Greek boys, at least they might care, or improve. There is little to lose at this point! Embarrassing :angry: PEACE
  2. Karagounis is going to be one of the most glorious players in Greek football history. He has done what no one else has. Leader of one of the best PAO teams, with awesome European runs and results in the early 2000's. Euro 04, Euro 08, WC 10, Euro 12 Inter, Benfica, back to PAO, now EPL with Fulham. He has more in his tank than anyone gives him credit for. I am a Fulham FAN! :tup: I wish you a quick comeback to the NT Kara. :gr: PS: Shame on Panathinaikos, another mistreated legend. :nono: PEACE
  3. PAO was OK. Better than I expected. I liked the quickness, that comes from the coaches. No time wasting with the ball, which is the trademark of the Greek league... Sissoko was good, he reminds me a little of Borelli. Passes at the right time, creates, he is light on his feet, even defends! Motherwell was like I expected. We were lucky to draw them... Overall well done. Let's not be ungrateful now. This was the first game. Most important, they can relax and play well on the return game at OAKA. The tickets are cheap, 10 and 30 euro. Descent for a CL qual So far I like the mentality, Fereira is teaching. PEACE
  4. Thanks Irlandos. If anyone cares to know, that was actually a good draw for PAO, who was seeded along with FC Dynamo Kyiv (UKR), FC København (DEN), Fenerbahçe SK (TUR) The other options were, Club Brugge KV (BEL), FC Vaslui (ROU), Feyenoord (NED) If PAO advances, they join the four winners of the above 3rd round along with these six teams, SC Braga, FC Spartak Moskva, Udinese Calcio, LOSC Lille Métropole, Málaga CF and VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach, in the play-offs. It is important, as we can see, to make through. Our chances in the playoff round would be slim, but at least we get to the Europa League. I am communicating with Motherwell fans, many of which will travel to Athens. PEACE
  5. GREECE IS IN THE 8 ! Perfect timing for the elections and the best father's day present. Which was what I wished for anyway... This Euro was like a rewind of the Euro 2004, only in 2004 we were worse vs Russia... VS Poland: Greece really deserved a win. YES we were lucky not to concede 3 goals in the first half. BUT the 2 yellows on Socrates, the penalty that was NOT given...and the one missed. KARA was meant to be the fateful player. BAD start VS Czech Rep, low point overall not much to say there. The ref was again hostile. Another missed point VS Russia: Finally we did not concede a goal from the get go. Glad to see Tzavellas in. Socrates and Kyriakos Pap. were solid. As long as Greece does not fall behind early there is always hope. That was Rehagel's kind of Greece, not pretty, just efficient. Happy for Santos. The ref was not as bad as the Poland game, but got it wrong in the KARA yellow. YES it was a penalty, I disagree with Tsiartas and agree with Lalas and Mataus... The leg was extended and there was contact. To give a yellow on top of it! Why aren't the 5 line refs NOT speaking out? Russia has more marketing power ... WELL done and hopefully NO more KARA haters PLEASE! "Etsi pernane, autoi pou sas xrostane"!!! :LOL: THANK YOU ELLADARA :gr: :gr: :gr: Again!!! PEACE
  6. Like last year, PAO depended too much on a single player to make the difference. When that player is injured PAO is 70% at best. Leto and Boumsong are still out today. Ninis injured since Israel. This team has overachieved, due to Fereira. They will need to do that again today. Best surprise have been Kapino/Karnezis. Karagounis / Katsouranis must provide leadership and passion. Marinos, Quincy, Simao strength. Zeka and Clayton technique... Karnezis needs to be a "wall" today. Who will be the one today to make the difference? Mr Kako: Stay out of the headlines, PLEASE! :gr: PEACE
  7. Well done APOEL. This is a fantastic story of underdogs uniting, and putting TEAM above individual. Best of luck all the way. :gr: PEACE
  8. This is the time Greece needs foreign investments more than ever to survive. However personal interest has always been the primary motivation for political decisions. Here is another sad example of the "me first" attitude that has brought our country to this state. Can anyone at this point doubt what interests are behind this? ... :blink: PEACE
  9. Group A Poland Russia Greece Czech Republic FANTASTIC !!! Almost my perfect draw GO GREECE this is an excellent opportunity to advance PAME GERA ELLADARA :gr: PEACE
  10. 1-2 AMAZING UNBELIEVABLE INCREDIBLE PAOK :nw: :tup: PAOK deserved this historic win. The ref messed up, but in the end it all equaled out... BELIEVE in first place and unbeaten in Europa League !!! :gr: WELL DONE BRAVO PAIDIA PEACE
  11. PAOK was playing fantastic for the first 30 mins, BRAVO! :tup: ONLY the ref could make this game turn around like this. Even the English commentator said: NO penalty, NO red! SHAME, but as we can see it happens everywhere... PAOK will do great, I am sure. GO PAOK, 45 more to go. PAOK gera ... :gr: PEACE
  12. Well done by Oly! :gr: Exciting game that could have gone either way, with Oly missing more chances. They played this game believing, because they should have won in Greece too. What a difference between the way they played today and in Germany. That was a waisted opportunity against a team they had easily beaten at home. A tie between Borussia and Marseilles will guarantee at least Europa League. PEACE
  13. Apologies to our non Greek speakers, but this loses in translation:
  14. The more Tsakas talks the less credible he becomes... He needs to shut it and prove his legitimacy by actions. Words are cheap, and his profile does not inspire much confidence or tolerance. IF the prince appears, I sure hope Tsakas will disappear. He has become a nuisance already. :tdown: Now he wants the basketball team... Give us a break! Kourastikos kai faflatas PEACE
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