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  1. In the 1994 MundoBasket I was in Hamilton Ontario when Greece beat China The story repeats. It will repeat vs France. Our draw was the hardest possible. In the toughest group C and the bracket vs group D winners US. A medal is within our reach. Helladara omadara :tup: PEACE
  2. HELLAS is just AMAZING!!! :gr: Down by 5 in 34 secs :nw: You guys from Aussieland got to make the trip North to support our team. When I checked for tickets they were all sold out and now the arenas are empty. Japanese companies bought all the seats, and now they are not showing up? :nono: PEACE
  3. Availability per country.mediazone. fiba schedule.pdf Adobe PDF file. Games tha are not shown live at your country, are most likely shown live at mediazone. For TV copyrights reasons PEACE
  4. Who is going? I will be in Hawaii, late August, which is half way there. I am seriously thinking about it. Anyone found tickets? Third sale is for Japan only. Sat. 19 Aug 16:30 GREECE vs QATAR Sun. 20 Aug 19:30 LITHUANIA vs GREECE Tue. 22 Aug 16:30 GREECE vs AUSTRALIA Wed. 23 Aug 19:30 BRAZIL vs GREECE Thu. 24 Aug 19:30 GREECE vs TURKEY Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Hamamatsu Arena This is the second closest venue to Tokyo. Top 4 teams qualify. Look at previous post for competition format. I was in Athens and Toronto when we got fourth. I hope to be in Japan too. PEACE
  5. Great football players cost more, but can also generate much more income for their teams! A good football club can fill a 50k+ stadium at least once a week, at higher ticket prices. Revenue from TV, copyrights, etc., is incomparable to any other sport Uefa gives generously for advancing in the Euro cups You could NEVER compare the popularity of football, with that of Fiba basketball, neither the salaries. :nono: Simple marketing and business: To make more, you MUST invest more ;) Unless we hope for a miracle like the one Ethnikh Elladas pulled in the Euro, PAO will only become a great Euro team if $$$ is IVESTED PEACE
  6. If Greek politicians of present and past, new, or cared, about urban planning, then Athens would NOT have become the monstrous hell that it is. In the 1950s, this city of less than 400k, full of "neoclassical" architecture, was transformed into the concrete maze that we see today :tdown: The famous and renowned architect, Dr. Doxiadis, had warned the "planners" what would happen, but MONEY $$$ talked :angry: Just like then, when the political system was bribed by the unscrupulous "ergolavous" and "civil" engineers who made a killing, we currently have a suspiciously similar scenario played out :angry: Planning is NOT the priority here, but rather the easiest and most "vote grabbing" solution. Hellinikon is a larger site, but that is all. Geographically it is as undesirable, as Man U playing in the city center of Manchester, Celtic playing in the protestant section of Glasgow, Arsenal playing at Chelsey :blink: The vast majority of PAO fans live in the center and North Athens, (Voreia Proasteia). Goudi is right in that area. During the Olympics, under the ideal conditions and top priority given to the spectators, it took me 50 mins to get from Panormou to Helliniko. Excluding the time I spend getting to the Metro stations, from and to my house and facilities. If I had driven, it would had taken even longer. The "paraliakh leoforos" will be a "parking lot", before and after each PAO game. Ample parking is useless in that case. Goudi is the best choice by far, and only a walk away from the "Katexaki" station. If they think Goudi is too small, then go to Spata :D There is plenty of space, a freeway, the Metro, an airport ;) and many more PAO fans :tup: Hellinikon was a great spot for the Olympic venues, and should be used for youth programs, NOT for PAO :nono: PEACE
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