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Panos Katseris - FC Lorient

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Had honestly never heard of this kid until a few weeks ago. 22 year old right-back, born and raised in Athens but he never played professional football in Greece. Instead he moved to Italy's regional leagues at 18 and has since worked his way up the divisions until he was playing Serie B for 2 seasons. His performances caught the eye of Ligue 1 strugglers Lorient, who forked out between 1.5-2.4 million (mixed reports) to snap him up in January. 

Since moving last month he has played in 3 games, scoring in his 2nd game (a 2-1 win) and assisting over the weekend (a 2-0 win). They are 2 wins and a draw in his three appearances, doubling their win tally in the space of 2 weeks and moving off the bottom of the table. It looks like he has been playing as a right-wing back since moving, as part of a back 5. 

This kids story is pretty incredible, he has risen from nowhere really doing it the hard way to now be playing in one of Europe's big 5 leagues. Not sure how far he can go and if he is Ethniki calibre atm, but either way his story is pretty cool. Good luck to him and Lorient in their fight for survival! 













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