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Veria transfers (in and out)

Dutch Eagle

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Veria signed Pablo Ernesto Vitti. The Argentinian striker signed for one year. Didn't know him. Checked him.

Saw on Wikipedia he was part of the winning U20 squad of Argentina that became youth worldchampion in The Netherlands 2005.

Where did he go wrong? :-)

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They have two more singnings.

Mohamadou Sissoko from France. He played for them in the 2013/2014 season before. He is 28 and signed for 1 year;

Jeffrey Sarpong from the Netherlands. He played at several Dutch sides and Real Sociedad in the past. He is also 28 and also signed for just 1 year.

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Who is in charge of Veroia these days?


Some local businessman, who is good friends with Karypidis.

Here is some news about this guy:


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