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GM Baalke has a lot of work to do. He has holes to plug at linebacker, corner, and possibly Guard and WR. Let's see what he does at the draft.

Also, Tomsula as head coach is a huge question mark. He may be loved by the players but can he run an Offense? Time will tell.

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Finally!!! After the worst offseason any team in history had to endure, the '9ers get going tonight on prime time vs the Vikings!

I'm looking forward to seeing if Kaep's mechanics have improved after his offseason training with Kurt Warner.

Also, it will be great seeing the NFL's premiere linebacker NaVorro Bowman return after a serious knee injury...

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I was pleasantly surprised as well man. The high-tempo smash mouth offense really gassed a very good Minny D. Also, our D looked stingy as usual (welcome back Navorro Bowman!). It looks like Baalke's draft pics from the past 2 seasons found there way seamlessly into the starting lineup and did an admirable job covering all the losses in personnel during the offseason. Even that punter Baalke took in the fifth round looks very promising..

I liked:

-Carlos Hyde (you can run but you can't HYDE!)

-Hayne after botching his 1st punt return looked promising backing Hyde up.

--Kaepernick, although not posting sick stats showed promise/poise as you saw him read/go through his options in the pocket. He didn't throw a silly Int or take dumb sacks.

-Geep Chryst ran the offense to the T. The high tempo offense served to keep the Minny D off Balance and tired them out. He ran the read option on several occasions and play actions!!! This is clearly on Kaep's advantage.

-The O-line beat up the Viking front 7 and set the tone. Particularly Staley and Boone. The 3 tight end formations were pretty effective..

-What can be said about Navorro Bowman??? The guy led the team in tackles and got a sack. He was the leader out there. Wait until he shakes the rust off after his year long absence from the game!

-Vernon Davis was involved!

What needs improvement:

-the team did do a better job of cutting down delay of game calls, but it needs to do the same for holding calls. I'll mark that down on it being early in the season.

-Same goes for special teams.. Blocked Dawson FG attempt was unforgivable.

-the team needs to stretch the field and go deep. Smith in particular and Bolden need to be more involved.

-the uniforms! :P call me a purist, but we are not the Raiders. I don't like the black 3rd uni. We should only have the Red, Gold combo.

On to Pittsburgh!! Heinz field is a tough place to play and our secondary will be tested by Big Ben. I hope our front 7 bring the heat, and that our running game keeps the Steeler aerial attack on the bench!

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Today the secondary got exposed big time and the o-line got punched in the mouth... What a schooling the Steelers gave the 49ers in a 43-18 rout... I knew we were in tough this week with Pittsburgh's explosive passing attack and the short week (on the East coast early game). Ah well, we move on...

1 encouraging thing is that when the 49ers were able to sustain the quick tempo offence, they moved the ball down the field. Also, that Torry Smith is faaaaast! Give that man the ball more often please!

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