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DishWorld IPTV launching Greek channels on ROKU

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I was looking at the DishWorld IPTV site, and I substituted "Arabic" for "Greek" in one of the links and uncovered a hidden page. ;) It looks like DishWorld IPTV is preparing to launch a Greek package on ROKU. http://dishworldiptv.com/packages/greek/ They will be offering Antenna Satellite, Alpha Sat, and ERT World for $29.99 /mo. per the website. No word on a launch date yet.

This really comes as no surprise after the announcement that they became the exclusive distributor of international channels on ROKU. I wonder where this leaves WhereverTV though. They offer different channels, but I wonder if Dish will let them offer the channels along side their own Greek channel offerings.

Also how is it that they are planning on offering the channels for $29.99, when the same channels plus Antenna Prime and the radio stations cost $24.99 via satellite on Dish Network? :huh:

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