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  1. If I were a Graphic Designer, I would be ashamed to present to anyone this logo, provisional or not. It reminds me of the early days of ERT when they used leafs to display clouds during the weather report. :)
  2. I have Dish and I am completely satisfied with the channels and service. There is no comparison between Dish and any other IPTV (=unreliable) service.
  3. The best thing that Dish Network Greek People can do at this point is to forget about ERT or
  4. You better get used to it Georgiet as it will be the rule as opposed to exception to the rule. It's really sad that those guys haven't got it together by now. If you call tech support I bet they will tell you "weird you are the only one with the problem, all our clients never reported such an issue". If you have alternative options take them, don't let yourself get frustrated with those guys.
  5. And by the way if you upgrade to the Hopper as I did all the Greek channels are in a group under channel number 605. So Ant1 = 605-01, ERTWorld = 605-02.....MEGA COSMOS=605-11. Luckily you don't have to punch the "-" when entering the channel number. 605 actually will get you to Ant1 as being the first channel in the group and 60511 will get you to MEGA COSMOS. Does anyone know why the Greek Cinema's guide does not display information but only either "Movie" or "Afieroma"?
  6. Having to pay 60 bucks for annoying messages appearing every other day on my screen or to find the picture frozen while I have scheduled my DVD recorder to record a show so I can watch it at my convenience won't cut it for me. The service should not be called EllasTV but rather Beta Ellas TV as they are constantly repairing issues or test. The You Tube feature is a joke. Get a long HDMI cable and go straight from your computer to the TV you will get 1000 times better picture and sound believe me. And by the way, ANT1 Satellite, ERT World, FSC and beinSPORT (all offered by DISH) are all the
  7. You know... just because it says on the screen "HD" it doesn't mean it's HD. It might be and surely is in Greece through NOVA but not what you see with the EllasTV box here in the states. Are you also sure that you see something on the screen when you watch OTE Sports channels? :) :) :)
  8. I would really be interested to hear your experience with it. Which package are you getting?
  9. It's very interesting however that in the channel listings, ANT1 ANT1 Europe as well as ANT1 Delayed are not listed in the web site where I know for a fact that they are all currently offered with the ET-503 box.
  10. It's nice to see MEGA COSMOS finally back on Satellites in North America. Too good of a channel to be offered only through IPTV services that are not reliable yet as far as picture and sound quality. Lyng Sat has been also updated.
  11. We have come full circle guys. I am glad the waiting is over and happy for both MEGA COSMOS and Greek Cinema as well as for the price for the whole package. Nice to see the TV Guide for MEGA COSMOS as well. Home2US and EllasTV never even bothered with that. Time to get rid of all those receivers I accumulated and paid for in the last year and a half.
  12. What they should do is to shift the radio channels one up giving MEGA the 9833 slot. That way I can have my two favorite channels next to each other. :)
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