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  1. Great, thanks! Yes I spoke to them and the boxes were shipped last friday. So all the way to BC, probably get them early next week. I'll report back once the parents try them out.
  2. HI, sorry for the late reply. I ordered the premium package but it hasn't arrived yet. What are peoples experience with the delivery times of the boxes? Also, I'm a bit concerned about some comments about the internet connection. Parents are on Telus High Speed (V1) which is a 15mbps ADSL line. Any thoughts on if this will be OK?
  3. Thanks everyone. Ordered today from a nice fella from Quebec. I'll post back our experience.
  4. Thank you very much for the warm welcome, HellasHab. I really appreciate the help. Looks like I may give them a shot. Not much to lose, I guess. Seems like the 2 customers in that thread are pleased overall. Btw, fellow Hab fan here too.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm a Greek living in Kelowna BC Canada. I found this forum from searching for Greek TV options for my parents. Ellas TV looks interesting. What are people's experience with it? Does it work fine with a decent broadband connection? Are there other recommendations anyone may have (besides the usual offerings by Rogers/shaw, telus/bell)? Thank you!
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