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UEFA Cup 2nd qualifying round

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Yeah some suprises......worst one being AEK :tdown:

For me

Dnipro - Bellinzona 3-2

Dnipro is usually tough team, and Bellinzona made the cup via semifinals of Swiss Cup (theyre a 2nd division team) ........ Quite a good game, they are still alive in Europe........

Forza Ragazzi! :tup:

Djurgarden beating Rosenborg 2-1 was kind of a suprise too really...

Still 1 more leg though....

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Bellinzona have done it! :tup: :tup: :tup:

2-1 vs Dinpro ! :nw:

Theyre a 2nd divsion team, i dont see them getting much further than this. Would be great if they could get in UEFA Groups...

extremley tough draw ahead either



Dinamo Bucharest



Im hoping for Galatasaray....although Benfica would also be big, as there are a lot of Turks and Portuguese in this area of Switzerland...

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Guest TheLegend

a second division team made it into the 3rd qualifying round? even if they get eliminated thats a dream come true for them and theyd leave with some money and fame....

how did they get there anyways? they won their countries cup?

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