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  1. Manolara

    Lunatic Kyrgios

    Tomic having a fit over paying $20 for a court hire fee.
  2. How are other teams going to compete? The past 20 years has seen only 04 and 10 with different champions. Add ?200mil from constant CL appearances and a new stadium which is being rented vs only Paok and Aris having their own stadiums, there's no chance they can compete and no reason for any non-shady business owner to invest in the GSL. The discussion isn't even focused on the EPO/GSL improving the game, it's focused on fantasy millionaires that should come in spend ?100mil and make Aek, Pao, Paok, Aris competitive. That's bizarrely stupid. At least the Indians running QPR will get over
  3. Since when is it up to individual teams to improve the quality of the League? Competition for the 1st spot of a league actually helps but that point has gone over most Olympiakos fans due to opadiliki. Unless of course, your manager is Pep Guardiola or your team is Barcelona. It's easy to tell others what to do when you're in a good position. It seems like you care and makes you look good when in reality you don't give a shieeeeeet because you've easily got that CL spot.
  4. Faked his death to escape prosecution.
  5. When Greece held the 5 aces the house gave us free alcohol and we folded. The house always wins.
  6. Referring to Spain, they also had football pedigree. At the national level it took them 100 years and an old school manager in Del Bosque to win the world cup because of the politics. England have the media which just adds extreme stress and expectation on the team. Ferguson said the England job is like a death sentence, or words to that extent because of the media and expectation. Germany also had the media but Klinsmann+Low dealt with them. They didn't like the fact that Klinsmann shook up the establishment and that he was changing things. They called him the Californian because he would fly back there instead of stay in Germany. After decent showings in the Euro's and World Cup they eventually quietened down. Low created a good atmosphere within the group which led to this infamous interview with Mertesacker after their perceivably poor game against Algeria in the World Cup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoO5ECcsdoE
  7. Well I can tell you that Germany used to have fathers who trained at local clubs, and bigger towns and cities had football academies that would occasionally train players. They got to this conclusion based on the fact that their youth teams weren't winning as many titles as they liked and where second fiddle to French, Spanish, Italian and English national teams. The FA decided that in order to improve the scouting system and the quality of players, by teaching them when they where younger, they offered incentives for clubs (basically forced them) to improve their youth set ups and academies, enforced coaching standards and provided coaching schools, improved the reach of football academies by increasing funding to grassroots clubs that extended and improved the football network. When Jurgen Klinsmann came to Germany he revolutionised the way the National team trained, ate, and played football. He brought in sports scientists, nutritionists, tacticians and cleaned all the dead weight. German clubs also took this on board. He also had more players to chose from thanks to the improvements of the FA in early 2000. Players like Toni Kroos who lived in a small town wouldn't have had the chance if it weren't for those improvements. Guardiola made things even more strict at Bayern with small changes that had massive impacts. He fired the whole medical staff because they where s%$#!. In pre-season, the club would have a table full of pastries and sweets in their hotel which he quickly got rid of. At Barcelona all the players where on strict diets from nutritionists that catered to each individual player. This allowed them to play 3 games a week at high intensity. It also allowed them to recover better which is why he thought the Bayern medical staff was s%$#!. At Barcelona his players would return to play much quicker than the players at Bayern. You really think it's a stretch for Greece to do something similar? To incentivise clubs to spend money on sports scientists, nutritionists, instead of $500,000 on some 25yo Latino or African or Scandinavian player? To enforce minimum standards in coaching? To improve grassroots football so youngsters can learn how to pass, cross, tackle, position, move, before they turn 21? For coaches to learn how to teach these concepts and provide incentives to constantly learn and improve themselves? I'm not asking to go toe to toe with Germany, I'm asking to set higher standards than we currently have to reach our full potential. Standards that big footballing nations like Germany, Spain, England, Italy, France have set, that are realistic in implementation. Something as simple as long term goals, instead of wasting time and money on garbage and opadiliki.
  8. Manolara

    Is the thread titled after what Giroud said in the post-match interview at the end of the CL game?
  9. I don't understand your problem with comparisons. I explained to you why and how Germany improved their quality of football and it's like you think it's inconceivable for Greece to do the same, yet don't offer any other explanation but "don't compare the two".
  10. Well this Pae President has enough wealth and resources to remove himself from the ordeal if need be. This is Greece after all; money is more powerful than justice.
  11. Manolara

    AEK BC

    His son is a decent 3 point shooter tho.
  12. Two poor tournaments, no quality in their national team, poor friendly results, and according to Germans themselves, played boring football. They changed their entire football philosophy from 1-0 hoofballs and only developing world class goalkeepers to playing attacking football and creating world class players. Even in their 2002 final, if you disregard the 8-0 thumping of Saudi Arabia, they could barely score more than 1 goal against the likes of Ireland, Paraguay, U.S and South Korea. I don't see why the comparison shouldn't be made when it wasn't luck or waiting for a golden generation to emerge that made Germany into the superpower they are today, but structural reforms to catch up and even surpass their competitors with forward thinking governing bodies when most people saw no problem with German football at the time. Especially now with the complete humiliation in the Euro 2016 qualifiers, our poor European performances, the decay of the domestic league, and lack of talent.
  13. Could've done better in the derby. He was out for Wolfsburg since some of our players got a flu. Subotic played well but Papa is quicker, which is what Tuchel wants as cover for Hummels.
  14. Yeah but why can we do well in basket? That's what I don't get. Lot's of money is put in basket but both Pao+Oly are strong in Euroleague, AEK+PAOK+Aris and others have done well in Europe aswell, and our NT has been doing well. I'd accept Greece being s%$#! at soccer, if they were just s%$#! overall, but it's not the case. The Greek FA have gone through different presidents and members but it's the same shiet? No sense of urgency, no sense of rejuvenation, just business as usual. They wasted 1.5 mil euro on Ranieri. How incompetent can you get without anyone still asking for mass changes? Where did the 20-30mil from Euro04 go?
  15. I highly doubt it. Unless we sign some diamond in the rough out of the blue.
  16. They riot, the same s%$#! happens. They don't riot, the same s%$#! happens. At least with rioting you make the league look worse and bring its demise closer.
  17. With the clown car policy for managers at the top 4 teams, there's no chance Greek managers will ever get enough time to experiment and grow. Ferguson was given 5 years at United. At the time no one knew he would become that good, but given the time he improved himself. The only decent Greek manager I can think of is Donis, and he was barely given any time at Aek, Paok, At Larissa he won the cup, at Atromitos he reached the cup final two years in a row. "We do not have football schooling or culture.." is a shallow excuse. The German FA thought the same back in 2000 after their national team drew 1-1 with Romania, lost 1-0 to England and 3-0 to Portugal in Euro 2000. The atmosphere at the time was "we depend on Ballack". Everyone thought that the 2002 World Cup was an indicator there where no problems but then in Euro 2004 they again got kicked out from the groups by Latvia, Netherlands and Czech Republic. By 1998-2002 the moves where in place to improve German football and look at them since. Producing quality players, the German national team in the finals of Euro 2008, Semi finals of 2012, semi finals of 2006 world cup, semi finals of 2010, winners in 2014, strong domestic competition, Champions League finalists and winners, and many good German coaches. The Greek FA is doing sweet fa.
  18. Portugal have 3 decent, trophy winning, managers with Mourinho leading the pack. Italians have multiple with Ancelotti leading the pack. The Scots had multiple over the years. Same with the Spanish. Hell even Romania, Austria, Belgium, Yugoslavia, and Hungary have had European Cup winning managers. But Greece? Our best managers have been foreign. The most successful manager in the Greek League is Dusan Bajevic. The most successful for the National Team is Otto Rehhagel, followed by Santos. Alefantos spent 35 years in management and won 1 cup in Cyprus. My theory is that no one cares about football in Greece, which is why there are no good managers. The club presidents just buy whatever they need which leaves no room for development or long term goals and plans. Even though teams have nothing to lose, the domination of olympiakos just saps everything out of the league, and a complacent football body sits idly by. If Aris or Ergotelis have a decent player or manager, Olympiakos will get them and discard them after a while. Their youth system seems to be good but while the German, Spanish, British, French players keep improving, the Greeks stagnate in a s%$#! league not getting the development, they need, to be as good as their foreign counterparts. Lax vision, lax goals, lax competition, lax governing body, equals lax players and managers.
  19. Imagine justice is a spoon and we're in the Matrix. "There is no spoon", says a voice from behind you, as a thick stubbly hand plucks the spoon from your hand and uses it to dig into a 5kg tub of near empty Nutella and shovel it down a gorging Marinakis mouth.
  20. Defense minister should take advantage of the situation and allow Russian anti-air boats in the Aegean for 30 days. U.S, I mean, Nato will always back Turkey because they have U.S military bases and nuclear weapons aimed at Moscow.
  21. Explain then why Panathinaikos supporters would cause so much destruction and chaos, BEFORE the game has even started, as to make it worse for their team by copping fines, deducting points and playing behind closed doors while benefiting Olympiakos by canceling the game and giving them extra rest for the Champions League. Explain, because I don't understand how you naively believe this is just "Green fans going crazy" because "derby", when under worse circumstances the game has played on and they caused no trouble. This whole incident was negative for Panathinaikos and only positive for Olympiakos. It's always this transcendental "violent minority" that causes problems, yet for decades, it's unable to be dealt with. And while every other club in the league falters and is destroyed only one remains "squeaky clean". Every year some bullshit happens that makes it extraordinarily worse than the previous year and nothing is ever done. And it's always this one team that comes out on top because of the Champions League money. In basketball we have healthy competition between multiple top teams, we can even win European titles, AND have a strong national team. In football the competition has slumped from around 2004-2008. No competition, every other team got weaker, the league got weaker, no Greek talent, and our national team is s%$#!. Yet this still isn't enough for major overhaul because "this is Greece", "this is the Greek mentality", "every team is just s%$#! except for Olympiakos". Maybe we should let the Greek Basketball Association run the entire f***en country then, including the Soopa Doopa League, or clean up this cesspool of s%$#! that is passed off as a footballing competition.
  22. Manolara

    AEK BC

    Doing well in the Europa of basketball too... I don't understand Original. It's like they don't want the team to do well.
  23. Who is this "we" you are talking about? Did "we" in Australia create the Nauru detention center? Did "we" in Australia give tax breaks to the wealthy during the peak of the mining boom? Who is this "we"?
  24. The Fascists are in the EU and IMF. Where in history has austerity worked? What significant achievements have been made in Greece in the past 40 years of having a dictatorship, ND, Pasok and a pseudo-Communist party in power? Absolutely none. The advancements that have been made have always been to benefit a wealthy benefactor and nothing more. The communications revolution was a cash grab of the public purse by private interests. Who benefitted from all those EU loans that we couldn't pay back? The wealthy. Who's paying it back? Everyone else.
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