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  1. Papastathopoulos came off in the 5th min today, i'm assuming he got injured? Any Greek-Germans here that can update us on whether he was indeed injured and if so for long he'll be out? Obviously it's a major concern with Croatia coming up
  2. Generally i think goal.com's rating are pretty accurate. Ok I've seen a few clangers on there but generally it's not bad. Either way, "New Bremen signing Sokratis was immense against Hamburg" isn't like saying "he was a little below average" when in reality he was a little above average. Even a casual football fan can recognize when someone is immense so call me biased but I'm taking their word for it! :P :tup:
  3. WOW and all these years the most ridiculous transfers have been made :LOL:
  4. Yes but Valverde didn't want him to leave, so clearly the manager was happy with his performances.
  5. Am I hating or speaking the truth? We all had a big discussion about whether Celtic wanted him or not. He's warming the bench and they've just bought another striker, knocking him further down the pecking order. He has a chance to move to a respectable Ligue 1 club and instead he prefers to stay at Celtic to collect a bigger pay cheque. Sorry, he deserves to be criticised. The lazy bum can't get into a team no better than Aris but still the dominant team in a ridiculously poor league and he's too lazy to make an impact. He also shows no ambition in leaving the club. His own fans are booing him. Club legends are ridiculing him, yet i'm the bad guy for laughing that he CHOOSES to sit on the bench?
  6. The French press is claiming that Bordeaux are keen on completing a deal for Fetfatzidis before midnight!
  7. Well not sure what went wrong there but Kone has gone to Bologna on loan!
  8. Well in a frenetic last day it now appears that Chievo are favourites to sign Kone. Either way looks like he's staying in Serie A
  9. @Akritis :LOL: @GS, Maniatis is a right back mate, Makoun will replace Hurtado. I expect him to be an upgrade on Hurtado but to be honest Olympiakos have been drawn in a tough CL group. They should be looking to buy players that can make the difference there, Makoun no longer seems to be that player. I mean why else would they buy him? The Greek league is already in the bag. They are also being linked with Pablo Orbaiz (another holding midfielder! from Bilbao) Looks like they are planning on defending like mad away from home.
  10. Tziolis has agreed to return to Racing Santander in La Liga. They face a real battle to stay in the division this year and they haven't got much money but former Aris manager Raul Hector Cuper is the manager and believes Tziolis can help. He's having a medical tomorrow
  11. Moras has been released by Bologna and is being linked with a move to Serie B side Torino. AEK were also interested not long ago but it appears like they simply dont have the cash to make it happen
  12. As the deadline day approaches Kone is still at Brescia, but is expected to move on. Lazio were the favourites a couple of weeks ago but their interest appears to have cooled. Since then Catania were considered favourites but they want to offer a player as part of the deal, whereas Brescia aren't keen on the player being offered and want money
  13. Samaras has been completely dropped by Celtic and it's clear he isn't needed or wanted there and he only has himself to blame. In the game against Sion at home when Celtic drew 0-0 he was being booed by his own fans. Celtic have now signed Bangura for
  14. Gekas is being linked with a move to Glasgow Rangers for
  15. Scored tonight as Schalke are over turning a 2-0 defeat away to HJK, winning 5-1 after 64 mins. :tup:
  16. Abdoun can't have any truth in it. I mean you have Javito & Fetfa that can play on the right and i'm sure there's someone else that can too, Fuster is it? Even Djebbour can. Why would you sign him then, i mean even Rommedahl was released because he wasn't needed so don't believe that one mate, that's just the Greek media in my opinion Muntari is finished. He is Panetolikos level now, it would be a ridiculous signing. It's a bit like when AEL signed Geremi and everyone was getting excited. He's was way past it and was terrible, same applies here. As for Estrada i'm going to assume you're talking about Marco (the Chillean international from Montpellier). He's ok from what i've seen. He has an excellent left foot (he can also play as a wing back i think) but he's a little small. I don't know whether he's the answer but he's def better than Muntari. As for Makoun, what can be said about him? He was excellent at Lille and Lyon, but now he's just become abysmal for Aston Villa. When African players see such a rapid decline in their ability i always get suspicious because they are known to lie about their age. As young teenagers with footballing talent many are suspected of forging documents so they can earn moves to Europe. If you're 18 and playing as a 15 year old you might stand out with your physical ability and it gives you an advantage on trial. For those interested here's an article discussing it: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/fe...age-old-problem Various clubs now use bone scanes to judge the development of the bone according the age the players claim they are. When players like Makoun decline suddenly and dramatically i get suspicious. The worst example is Obafemi Martins. I mean at 16 he's at Inter and tearing it up, now he's supposedly 26, has lost all his pace, Rubin didn't even want to put him on the bench, he went to Birmingham on loand, didn't earn a permanent move and now his career is in limbo. Er... suspicious! Maybe Olympiakos can include that scan as part of the medical he will have to undergo? If not i wouldn't take the risk. If it is just a bad season he had though he'd be an excellent signing. He does get forward a little more then a holding midfielder should though so he'd have to play with Tziolis rather than with Ibagaza so i'm not sure it's what you'd want.
  17. I have no idea but he's brilliant in either position. Personally i think he's at his best on the right of a defensive 3 but he's excellent either way
  18. Samaras was an unused sub in today's 5-1 win over Dundee Utd <_<
  19. Sokrati has been getting rave reviews after last week's 2-0 win, tomorrow a much sterner test awaits though as Werder go to Leverkusen. Will be interesting to see how they do
  20. I dont think they are and i personally believe that that's unacceptable. UEFA being arseholes again. Greek football is essentially getting punished for taking positive action.
  21. Papastathopoulos won the battle of the Greeks today as his Werder team beat Fortunis and Petsos' Kaiserslautern 2-0. Papastathopoulos played 90 mins, Petsos played 82 mins, and Fortunis came on in the 63rd min.
  22. I saw the first half of yesterday's crunch clash with Czech Rep and we were the better team, moving the ball well down the flanks to win the midfield battle. Without Vellios we lacked an aerial presence up front though. I didn't see the 2nd half but i know we lost and went out. Shame
  23. To be honest i think a lot of this is down to arrogance. All Greek/Cypriot teams tend to have poor results at home in the 2nd leg when they did well in the first leg and i can only put it down to a poor mentality. Remember the semi final of the UEFA Cup when PAO won 0-1 in Porto only to lose at home? Or PAOK beating Valerenga 1-2 away but losing 0-1 at Toumba. Aris winning comfortably at Jagiellonia 1-2 (but went 0-2 up), yet in the 2nd leg they were 1-2 down and needed a penalty to level the leg at 2-2. I know Anorthosis actually played the first leg at home the other day but they are so much stronger than Gagra yet they only won 3-2 on agg after winning the first leg 3-0! It's a mentality thing, the assume the job is done after the first away leg and become unprofessional in their approach. Sometimes it happens before the first leg has even been played :LOL: I remember the Olympiakos players were talking about playing Milan before they even face St Etienne and they ended up getting battered. Point is i have little doubt that Volos would beat Rad again if they played again today and they'll crush Differdange
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