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  1. guys, this move was just made for the sake of the greek league. with lemonis on our bench and most probably a completely new team, the race for the title is open for the other teams. logically the super league will be more interesting next season... and who cares about the champions league. i want to win the uefa cup... :LOL:
  2. and i can't watch it since i'm working. damn!!!! but i think it is better. at the european championship ialso didn't watch any game expect the final. so hopefully this will have the same effect again. good luck to our team. :gr: :gr: :gr:
  3. ok, the topic has been refreshed. but don't expect it to be done every weekend...
  4. i was too lazy lately and i wasn't around. if there is a big interest in this, i'll start refreshing it. just tell me.
  5. well well, so i'm in the club of three people now visiting one of the best know stadiums in the world. i just came back from...... madrid!!!! damn, what a stadium. the santiago bernabeu... :nw: :nw: :nw: phuh! watched the match real-villareal (0-0), was quite bad though, but some old real fans next to me were worth the money. did you know that they have a cooling system under the roof so that the fans can enjoy the match without getting heat struck?! maybe i'll post some pictures later...
  6. it seems you are right. from balla.gr:
  7. i think he meant 3 quarters, not 3-4...
  8. :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: are you ok? is that really you? ;) i hope our team will keep this form and play like that most of the part of the new season. hopefully kokkalis will renew sollieds contract soon for some more years.
  9. not really. bulut will be out for nearly 4 months after his injury against blackburn...
  10. 1-0 down against stuttgart by a goal from gomez in the 40th minute...
  11. bulut will be out for about 1.5-2 months thanks to an injury he got from the blackburn match.
  12. i know. its the only way your team can hope for something better, isn't it? like they alway say in the media: o megaliteros ex8ros einai o kakos eautos mas. B) :P
  13. i really don't want to get too excited about the results so far, but our team seems to be on the right track for the upcoming season. 4-0 against werder, 3-3 arminia with our second team, 5-0 blackburn. werder played without a lot of starters and blackburn isn't one of the best teams in england. the tie with our second team is also not bad. i just hope this won't be a pre season firework and then they will be exhausted in the middle of the season already.
  14. could have been a bit more precisely. the match will be played in Garmisch Partenkirchen. (maybe i'm overworked... :wacko: )
  15. quote of the day... :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:
  16. uhm... ok... what to say... i honestly didn't think we would win this match, but i also don't think we can say that we have a excellent team because of the win. werder is a good team and i think a lot of their starters played today too, but this is still during pre season, so i'd say we shouldn't get too excited about it...
  17. the match will be tomorrow at 19:00 greek time and will be shown on NET. i don't think it will be already possible to see how we will doing in cl thorugh this match. it is still way too early imo. but it is also good, that we are playing our pre season friendlies against strong teams.
  18. as it looks right now d'acol could most probably play in a' ethniki next season if he would stay at kerkyra, since they are 5 points ahead of second placed ergotelis. kerkyra has to play aris and thrasivoulos (4th) away, but the rest of the matches are more or less easy ones for them. to see him play on loan somewhere in england is nearly impossible. he is brazilian and for non-eu players to be able to play in england they have to fullfill some conditions so that they get the permission to play there. and i'd say they have enough talent over there, so that they don't have to go and look for it in greece.
  19. mendrinos at least i think is one of the usual "talented young player"-victims. he was named to be a hot prospect for the future but couldn't improve due to the fact he wasn't used that much. he is only 20 but there are other players in our team at the same age and they already get their chances. for him i think it would be the best to stay at least another year at ionikos where he gets some chances. at osfp he wouldn't get them at all. about d'acol i don't know what to think. bajevic brought him and he trusted in his talent. sollied also seems to think he is able to become a good player, but he needs some time. he plays in b' ethniki, but he already scored twice in four matches. i'd say it would be the best for him also to stay where he is or to send him to another team if he returns after this season. lisgaras i don't know what to say. he went to panachaiki on loan and came in as a sub some times and just played a whole match once. if he gets his chances there and gets some experience there it'd be better for him to stay another year there too. the only player i can see to be able to fight for a spot in the starting 11 is pappas. i really want him back after this season. if he gets his chances next season, i don't think that we'll even need to get a player for the right flank.
  20. Theodoros Dougeroglou, Ethnikos Akhna 0 Games n.a.
  21. Christos Lisgaras, Ethnikos Piraeus 0 Games Matchday 1: Kalamata-Ethnikos _-_: B' Ethniki starts at the 10th of september.
  22. Alexandre D'Acol, AO Kerkyra 4 Games, 0 Goals, 1 assist Matchday 1: Kerkyra-Apollon 2-1: Came in in the 76th minute. Matchday 2: Aris-Kerkyra 0-0: Came in in the 55th minute. Matchday 3: Kerkyra-Larissa 0-0: Played the whole match. Matchday 4: Kerkyra-Atromitos 1-0: Made the assist for the game deciding goal.
  23. its a pitty that i was right in the end. as i said, i wasn't sure who i should support till i started watching the match. and once again the swiss commentators showed me the way. after letting out some bullshit and never appreciated marcos efforts, but just stated that federer is playing bad i knew who should win it. krimas, but as it has been said, win or lose, it doesn't really matter anymore. baghdatis has shown what he is able to do and i'm sure we will hear more of him in the near future. bravo :nw: :nw: :nw:
  24. i just loved this picture. her name is cammie B)
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