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  1. Recently got FIFA 12 for PS3 and have been playing it online whenever I can. A definite upgrade from the disappointing Pro Evolution Soccer series. Anyone else have FIFA let me know and we can set up a match. Oh, and I also got Modern Warfare Black Ops.
  2. I'm usually not for short term solutions, but we really have no choice now, because someonee thought a scout could take care for the rest of the season. This isn't a babbysitting job, we needed someone that could at least guarantee a second place finish to get the CL spot. Now we have the playoffs without a real coach? Wtf are they waiting for? Get Lemonis NOW and hope he can get us to win the playoffs. I'm sure he watches every single match, so there will not be much adjusting needed.
  3. Congratulations! :D I just noticed your post. The Metal Gear Solid Game is great, I enjoyed it while I had it. Well the online games I got now are: PES 2010, Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare) and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and Grand Theft Auto 4. The one I'm currently playing the most is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (the newest edition). Great first person shooter, if you're into that kind of stuff, I'd suggest getting it. I've barely played the single player, mostly all online. I'll send you my screen name through PM and you can add me.
  4. In Order:Gekas Samaras Mitroglou Amanatidis/Salpi My little niece Fotini Charisteas
  5. He got subbed in overtime for the UEFA Cup final, and was not far off from equalizing Shakhtar with a shot on goal. I was amazed how much the announcers here in the USA were talking about him, even when he wasn't playing. They were saying things like "The one big surprise for Werder Bremen is that they didn't start Tziolis" and "they should have put him in earlier". I haven't seen him play for Werder Bremen other than the UEFA Cup final, but it looks like he's doing well so far. It would be nice to see a Greek star in one of the top leagues, hope he stays there.
  6. I see the mullet is covering most of his neck now. So the coach will not allow him to play until he has a fully formed mullet? Can't he get some hair extensions? :LOL:
  7. I take it you were being sarcastic, right? :unsure:
  8. I mention my name in the comments section on the Phantis profile page. I sent you a friend request Genome. :D I use Myspace instead of Facebook, I just joined to see how you crazy members look. I only got a profile pic now, but I'll add some more later. Is anyone interested in forming a Phantis profile for Myspace? I'll volunteer to set it up if no one else wants to.
  9. Cool idea to have a Facebook profile for Phantis. Ok, I created a Facebook profile today just to see my fellow members. Now add me as a friend! :D
  10. I had the same problem with PS2 in Greece. I burned 2 converters. Then I used foreign adapter plug, the simple little thingy that goes over the plug so it can fit into the holes. I could play for hours with that. Don't know if the PS3 uses a lot more power, but if it's anything like the PS2, then it should work as well.
  11. Heck, I'll even volunteer to be a judge for the lap dance competition. :) The 4 on 1 relay. That's what I'm talking about. Aaaalright, Giggidy giggidy. :LOL:
  12. Paxiotis, I sent a request to add you. Time to get blasted in Call of Duty 4 :)
  13. This crap is embarrassing. I'm not just talking about the Greek Olympic team, but everyone that dopes. Just because you don't get caught doesn't make it o.k. What's even more sick is that this is allowed to happen, people turn their heads in the name of profits and nationalism and whatever else they can benefit from a doped up athlete winning gold. I think being Greek makes me see it being worse than someone else. The beautiful history of inventing the Olympics. I remember as a little boy telling all my classmates "You know who invented the Olympics? The Greeks..." sounding like Mr. Portokalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. There was so much pride about watching the Olympics, even when there were no Greek athletes on the TV, just knowing that all these people are participating in an event that was created by your ancestors. How cool is that? :tup: But now, being older and wiser, I see all the filth that has tainted the spirit of the Olympics. I mean the whole idea of the Olympics, bringing all these people together to compete peacefully, putting aside all the m****ies that divide us and seeing who is the best athlete. Cheating and selectively punishing the smaller countries that aren't as strong, so you can collect as much gold as possible. Sounds more like dirty politics, something that has nothing to do with what the Olympics should be about. The opening ceremonies, the moment when all the countries of the world march into one stadium, beautiful moment right? Should be. What do the commentators talk about for most countries? Population, famous athletes, historical facts, etc. Unless you're on their s**t list. Then you have millions of people hearing the commentator saying "their President said these controversial remarks" "this country's leader has been anti-this anti-that". Complete garbage. The Olympics, the opening ceremonies, should ONLY be about bringing people together to compete peacefully. THAT IS IT. Like I said, put your m****ies aside. NO POLITICS. NONE. Do that on CNN or Fox News, not on my ancestors cherished event, you selfish pricks with an agenda always on your mind (Yeah, I get pissed). I've heard that the Ancient Greeks would stop war during the Olympics, or at least allow safe passage to all athletes traveling to the Olympics. And you got old men deciding to boycott the 1980 and 1984 Olympics. How selfish is that? A young man or woman practicing their whole lives for this moment, and guess what, cause some old rich and powerful guys want to "send a message" to the other country, their dream is crushed. This is what the Olympics has become. Look at what we are talking about. This is a thread titled "Greek Olympic Team 2008", and half of the posts are about cheating, doping, politics, wearing diapers, etc. It's just sad what the Olympics has become and it will only get worse. It wouldn't bother me as much if someone else invented the Olympics. I just feel like the ideals of my history are decaying in front of my eyes when I see what has become of the Olympics. I hate to be so negative, is there anyone else that feels this way?
  14. I just hope the FYROManians don't get more medals than us. Otherwise, they'll start saying that they invented the Olympics. :LOL:
  15. Yo Blue striker i have ps3 too and have the same games as you. Add my online account : PaxiotisAwesome! I'll add you soon. I have a question about PES 2008. Is the gameplay smooth, or is it kind of choppy? I noticed that with most of the online games I play, the ball and players will not move smoothly and sometimes the ball will be further ahead of the player than it actually seems on screen. With the previous PES on Playstation 2 I rarely had that problem, but for this version it seems to happen all the time. I don't know if it's my connection or if it's some issue with everyone with this new version of PES. Call of Duty works perfect though, so I don't know.
  16. For sports that rely heavily on strength and/or speed, IF all the big countries are doing it (and getting away with it), you pretty much have no chance of winning without doing drugs. So either you're clean and almost certainly lose, or you take your chances and cheat.I know, it sucks, but sadly that's the reality of the Olympics :tdown:
  17. I know, I was just kidding. I was thinking of fixing up my computer, but I got a laptop that wasn't really designed for gaming. It would of cost too much to get it up to that level and I don't even know if it's capable of performing that well anyways. The main reason I chose PS3 over Xbox 360 is that you need to pay a monthly fee for online play, it's not much, but it adds up over the year, while PS3 is free online. I have a 50 in. Samsung High Definition projection TV from a couple years ago, and right before I got the PS3, the damn bulb in the TV went out. I'll be getting it fixed soon though, can't wait to test it out. I really want to see what this BluRay business is all about. For now I just got a normal 25 in. TV but I got it hooked up to a 5.1 surround sound with a big subwoofer, and I don't think I'm too popular with the neighbors right now. Ever since I started playing Call of Duty 4, I've seen signs posted in my building saying "Quiet Time After 10 PM" :LOL: Yeah, I've seen commercials for those game rentals. I think there are no late fees, which is great. I can hold on to a game until I finish it. I'll check it out.
  18. We need some better drugs. :LOL:
  19. He faulted, he didn't seem hurt. Poor guy, on NET-ERT I heared he was crying for a while after he was eliminated.
  20. Gee guys, thanks for making me feel like crap about buying a PS3. :tup: This Metal Gear Solid 4 game, it looks really cool. About how long does it take to beat? I don't like buying games that I can beat in less than 2 weeks, I'd rather rent them for 2 weeks from a video store and pay $8. Plus, after you beat the game, it's worthless unless the game has good online play. That's why I like Call of Duty 4, you can play online forever. Grand Theft Auto 4 takes long enough to beat so it's worth it to buy, the only thing I don't like about that game is that it has auto aim when shooting, but it also has "free aim" but you got to be careful to only press the aim button halfway. Have you guys played Assassin's Creed? I think it's like the game Hitman (great game), but set in medieval times. Also, the new Resident Evil, Far Cry, and Gran Turismo Prologue look like good games. Any reviews of these games? Don't want to waste my money on a crap game. I already wasted a bunch on a crappy PS3. :LOL:
  21. I got PS3 recently and the online play is pretty cool. Call of Duty 4 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (might be called something else in Europe) are fun to play online against people from all over the world. Also got Grand Theft Auto 4, not too sure how good the online play for that is. Anyways, if anyone here has those games and wants to play online, let me know. Also if you have any suggestions for good games, questions, etc., you can talk about it here.
  22. I guess it was a mistake for her to volunteer.
  23. What a difference Lua Lua made. Simply the worst decision this summer, especially without a worthy replacement. :tdown:
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