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  1. Recently got FIFA 12 for PS3 and have been playing it online whenever I can. A definite upgrade from the disappointing Pro Evolution Soccer series. Anyone else have FIFA let me know and we can set up a match. Oh, and I also got Modern Warfare Black Ops.
  2. Does anyone have PES 2011 or the new FIFA on PS3? Haven't tried either one yet. PES 2010 was awesome, but I won the "Treble" in Master League, so I'm looking for a new challenge. It took me about 4 seasons on Top Player mode with the default team and built it up to a badass team to get the treble. I don't like some of the previous versions that were too easy. Any input on the new PES or FIFA would be appreciated. Also, I would like to know if they got more real teams added to the new PES (authentic jerseys and team names) instead of the "look a like jerseys" and fake team names.
  3. A few days ago, in preparation for the FIBA World Championship, this "friendly" against Serbia turns into a basketbrawl. :o
  4. Yeah, it should be a bad ass trio, probably better than the Garnett, Allen, and Pierce combo when they were at their peak. Cant wait to see how the gel during the season, although I couldn't stand the way Lebron handled the whole "announcement" on TV with the scripted interview. Definitely going to try and grab a pair of Heat tickets next time I'm in Miami.
  5. My thoughts exactly...And now Diogo* out for hitting the goalie. This is soooo gay.
  6. In other news, Cafu scored 3 goals to see Anorthosis victorious over the Belgians. :tup:
  7. The most beautiful part of our game: How Samaras hair gracefully flows in the wind. Great, now we have nothing.
  8. Thats pretty cool. Are they visiting any other cities in North America?
  9. I'm usually not for short term solutions, but we really have no choice now, because someonee thought a scout could take care for the rest of the season. This isn't a babbysitting job, we needed someone that could at least guarantee a second place finish to get the CL spot. Now we have the playoffs without a real coach? Wtf are they waiting for? Get Lemonis NOW and hope he can get us to win the playoffs. I'm sure he watches every single match, so there will not be much adjusting needed.
  10. I like your interesting system, and it's sad to admit, but your rules on officiating would actually be more fair than the current one we have in the bourdelo league. However, I have 2 words I believe would solve everything: INSTANT REPLAY There is ONE main referee. How many cameras are there? Like 15? Who has the better judgement? If there are enough bad calls made by a ref verified by instant replay, he should be suspended and eventually fired. Football is corrupt, not just in Greece, but in Italy, in England in Europe, in the World Cup, etc. Torosidis goal v. Ergotelis, double gang b
  11. Oly was so disappointing, especially after watching Stutgart v. Barcelona. What a match! Stutgart took it to the best team in the world, the passion, aggression, stringing passes together ;) . I love to see huge underdogs play to win, and not to lose. They were definitely the better team in the first half, and I'd say they were about equal in the second. They played with @rkidia, and despite being a Barcelona fan, I will cheer for this Stutgart team in their 2nd leg because I wish my team could play like that. And how do we play with the Navy Blue Sailors? Pathetic. Every time an Ol
  12. Oly did play horrible, I'll be the first to admit that. Their passing was good only when it landed at the feet of a Bordeaux player. So frustrating to watch. But sorry, the double gang bang on Derbyshire is not fair, no matter how poorly Oly played.
  13. Derbyshire gets double gang banged on the final corner kick. Gets brought down on one side by a Bordeux player and then pushed to the ground by the goalie on his other side... as the ball goes in the goal. Clear goal, or AT LEAST a penalty kick. I'll post a video of it if I find it. Plus his stupid foul on Lua Lua which led to their goal. F***Kin Webb. :tdown:
  14. I enjoyed the "I'm an Argentine Maga" free kick trying to curl it into the top corner of the back post, while we had a bunch of players to choose from to place a header in front of their goal. Way to ruin one of our few oppurtunities. :angry:
  15. G Titus, I like your attitude. Success in Europe should always be the top priority of every Greek team. The Super League is a Super Bourdelo, and I'd rather have my team shine in the bright lights of Europe than the red lights of this so called Super League. Wish you well in Rome. :tup:
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