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  1. I think the group winners go to the Elite round, the runner-up go as well depending on there record.
  3. Bravo ton Katsouranis! He scores the winning goal for Benfica! :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr:
  4. Not a good day for the Elpidon, lost at home 4-1. :(
  5. Today the Elpidon is playing a friendly international match with Bulgaria.
  6. This Thursday Henrik's team Helsingborg is heading into the second leg with a 6-0 victory, they are most likely to advance into the 2nd qualifying round of the Uefa Cup. This could be his first European action with his hometown club. GOOD LUCK HENKE! :nw:
  7. Plato, Greek football does appear to be heading in the right direction, some of those kids are ready for greater challenge. U-21 is a start, then a year or 2 later, they should be ready for the senior team.
  8. It didn't matter who or which person was playing, Greece gave everything they can, the luck come to the aid of Spain.
  9. Yesterday, I was a bit disappointed with the final score. Spain got very lucky and came away with the title. I have to be very happy for Greece, these young boys made this a wonderful tournament. They showed us what Greek football is all about, there run to the championship finals was an unexpected journey. Thank you for everything you offered to us Greek fans. It was a great effort and we hope to see you guys in the U-21, soon. :gr: :gr: :gr:
  10. It's on NET, the game starts at 21:00 in Greece.
  11. This might help, it's in Greek though. ;)
  12. To my view I think just a little bit. :P
  13. This is what were playing for guys!
  14. There's some other pics coming guys, gotta love Nioplias! :LOL:
  15. I got some pictures of the U-19 Greek National Team! :gr: :gr: :gr:
  16. Spot on dude, these guys will get better than they get the chance to play at a higher level. :gr:
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