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  1. Kokkalis has financial troubles.There is no other explanation for this.He wanted to give the keys to the Aggelopoulos brothers slowly with a small percentage at the beggining but their father said,have Kokkalis pay off the debts that he has created and then they will think about it,while Marinakis said,i will help you out today but i will have full control of everything that has to do with the team in 3 years.That is why Kokkalis did not have enough cash to make any more moves this summer.Everything else is just ash for our eyes and ears.Kokkalis failed this summer to get the players that were missing to our roster.No LW,no back up FW/AT and no back up CAM.Ketsbaia now will have to be creative and propably use the youngsters more in Greece and hope that our few key players stay healthy. Ketsbaia is not being welcomed yet from our majority fans but they also now and realize that the problems with the roster this year is more Kokkalis that anything else.I expect Kokklais to get bitched in our first bad result,especially at home games.
  2. Mitroglou signed today a new 5 year contract extension with Olympiakos after his great performace so far at the start of the season.Also there is an 8 mil fee that needs to be paid if another team wants to get him.
  3. 8 millions they say but Besiktas officials said this weekend that it has not agreed to any transfer for the player.
  4. A small update on our transfer quests.Bobo is supposedly going really well since his manager was in Greece Tuesday and has pretty much agreed with Olympiakos management about all the details of this trannsfer but Xrusikopoulos(Olympiakos GM of operations) propably will need to go to Turkey next week and have a meeting with the Besiktas management to get the signatures and finish the deal.As far as Leto and Derbyshire,things became a lot harder since both there clubs ask around 4.5 to 5 mil each to allow the players to get transfered to Olympiakos.There managers plus Olympiakos management is expected to visit England to try and push the deal through.For the centerback position,Melberg that plays for Juventus,asked 2 mil a year as salary so that makes it a really imposible transfer for our cheap bastard president to swallow so the last 2 days the name of Dragudinovic has resurfaced but he is like 34 years old so i can really understand rebuilding a team with a really old CB but what do i know.
  5. I see and hear many rumours but if i dont see signatures on contracts i dont believe nothing.Bobo from Besiktas is supposed to be a done deal with 3 mil for 50% of his rights with his manager putting the other 3 from his pocket so they can lure Besiktas of saying yes.Debyshire also is considered a done transfer with a 3-3.5 mil but still his manager has talks with Blackburn.Leto gets harder since Liverpool wants to try again to get him a work permit so we have to wait for the end of June for this.Also there is another rumour that Inter is interested for Belluschi and they make an offer of 5-6 mil so Olympiakos might need to try to get another midfielder plus the center back that we NEED to get so i expect another long damn summer.I am being nice and not over analyzing the stories about Tettei,Edmilson,Melberg,Dragutinovic,Botinelli,Gomis,Sisse,etc
  6. There asr so many names and rumours going on that we can propably fill out 10 pages by them.Mind you all that we still not have a head coach for our club........ I just want Derbyshire to stay and then get some decent CB to cover the departing Antza. Everything else i will consider a bonus...
  7. It is done.Ernesto Valverde is no longer Olympiakos coach.
  8. Some Olympiakos players made some statements on one of the sponsors party stating that they would like to see Valverde stay but it is up to Kokkalis to decide. http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/Superle...cos/238342.html
  9. I think that he is gone but i dont believe that he has signed anywhere else.He really wanted to stay but now Kokkalis is over-f.....k him and i dont belive that this is fair.You got a coach that in his first year he did not go well in CL but really gave you the double in Greece and in my book that is someone that you keep.Now Kokkalis needs to have a solution ready in case we lose Valverde and quick because there can be no time wasted or excuse for failure again this summer.Transfers,preparations,team schedule,training etc can not wait for ever.If Kokkalis wants to replace him he needs someone that he is going to be like him or better.Plus again,it needs to happen NOW.
  10. Michael Zambidis departed Monday from Greece to go to Australia for his upcoming fight against John Wayne Parr. http://www.contra.gr/Boxing/World/238172.html
  11. We have some movement here for a tuesday: 1)
  12. Valverde proved that he can actually work well for our club but his contract extension or not with the Olympiakos management has become something like a "Foskolos" drama series.After 2 meetings(Monday+Tuesday) between Iniaki Ibaneth(Valverdes manager) and Xrusikopoulos from Olympiakos still we have no deal and we will have to wait for friday and the board of directors meeting to get any development on this case.I have a bad feeling about this,it reminds me to much of the Dusan story back in 2005........Just for information purposes,Olympiakos offers the same salary and bonus money for any future succes but also money ditaction in case of any bad results like loosing to Anorthosi.
  13. Zevlakow propably will stay now and resign since Olympiakos does not want to try to cover 2 CB positions on the same transfer period when they want to focus on other positions(striker,LB,LW)
  14. Paraskeuas Antzas,at the age of 33 and after spending 9 years of his carrer with Olympiakos,did not change his mind and he is official retiring from soccer.Here is his statement: "
  15. After the undecipated retirements of Djole and Kovacevic,the 95% chance posible retirement of Antzas,i can say that 2 more players will be leaving our club with a 3 name getting close to the door(Zevlakow) but it is not officialy confirmed yet.Kostas Mendrinos and Christos Patsatzoglou will both be leaving this summer and for Patsatzoglou there have been reports that link him with Omonoia of Cyprus and especially their coach,Takis Lemonis.
  16. Today Pae Olympiakos official anouncement for Nikopolidis: "
  17. This season is almost over and we already have some news that we can start talking about.Zaouand Zairi from Asteras Tripolis is the first "unofficial" transfer for our club,(there is a deal with his manager and player but have to wait for the official transfer period to start to make it legal) and also Urko Pardo will be in Greece today to have a physical exam and then sign his 1 year loan to our club coming from Rapid Vukurest.George Katsikogiannis will be returning back to Olympiakos from his loan at Levadiakos last year and he will be taking the spot of Kostas Mendrinos who did not came to terms with our management and will be leaving at the end of the year.Antonis Nikopolidis is also expected to sign his 1 year extension this week.
  18. Actually i can balme him.He is not a bad player but there are many moments that he has made mistakes that have cost the team.Also i dont think that he is better than Antzas or Papadopoulos.Antzas has a lot more passion on his game and he always gives 110%,he is nor Beckebauer but at least even at his age,he is showing a valid hard effort.Papadopoulos is still young but he is fast,has a normal size body and he can guard tall and sort strikers.Give him time and you will be suprised.Zevlakow,making those statements,especially after a defeat like that and in a game that he did not really proved his point that he should be our starting center back.I remember Antza trying to close the gaps on both goals that Saint Etienne scored but i did not see Zevlakow anywhere close.Zevlakow has also being linked to a move to Pao this upcoming summer so for me,personally, i dont give a f..k what he wants or says.Players should respect the money that the make,the teams and fans that they represent and the coaches that manage those clubs.Especailly when you are not even at a Giovanni or Rivaldo caliber player.Dudu and Diogo compalining because they have played none stop,yes i would agree,Galleti for getting injured because of playing all the games again yes,but after a defeat and bad performance and the upcoming derby,Zevlakow feeling humiliated that he does not start,sorry,not important at this time and day.That is my crazy input on this matter.
  19. I find this extremelly funny.Robbie Keane is returning back to Tottenham for €16.5m in this winter transfer season after spending only 6 months in Liverpool for a transfer that costed €25m.So pretty much for a loan for half a season Liverpool lost €8.5m.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: http://www.uefa.com/competitions/uefacup/n...sid=797368.html
  20. Olympiakos will pay 400.000 euros for 6 months for the loan of Derbyshire but did not agree to the 5 mil euros that Blackburn wanted as the buy out price in case Olympiakos wants to keep the player after the summer.
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