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  1. Djebour,the former AEK striker is at this moment at the Olympiakos main offices ready to sign a 6 month + 2 year summer option with our club.
  2. Olympiakos has freezed for now the talks with Panionios about Komourtzi and we also have a negative result about Vellios of Irakli because the player did not want to stay on a loan to his current team for 6 months and join Olympiakos in the summer.He wanted to move now to Peiraias and the deal is off as of right now.On another front Olympiakos is also in talks with Panseraikos for Gerorgiadi and Anakoglou but that is transfers the future and not for right this moment needs of the club.
  3. The latest news: 1)Maniatis will be signing and joining Olympiakos today after the Olympiakos vs Iraklis game. 2)Komourtzi will also sign in the next couple of days but he will join Olympiakos after Panionios game against Pao. 3)Moniakis from OFI will get signed but then he will be given on a loan to Kerkyra for 6 months. 4)Iraklis and Olympiakos are ready to make a deal that will send Vellios to us and Galitsios to Iraklis.
  4. Apparently in the meeting that Marinakis had with Ventouris the 2 Panionios players,Maniatis and Komourtzi will join Olympiakos now with Mitroglou and Galitsio or G.Papadopoulo or Moniaki paid in full by Olympiakos going to the Nea Smyrni club + 1.5 mil euros.Maniatis said that he wants the move to happen now and he would veto a deal that would had him wait the 6 months.Nothing is signed yet so we should wait for a few more days.
  5. Long time ago,almost 10-15 years ago,Panionios was gathering every year almost 200-300 kids and had one of the best youth academies in Greece.I know that because i played many times against those "atimous" when i was a soccer player in my youth.Now almost every club has academies and trying to become Barca. As for our transfers,Marinakis and Ventouris are supposed to have a meeting today and hopefully we will have a deal for Komourtzi and Maniatis with the first coming to our club now and the second one at summer time.As pao123 said Olympiakos will propably give Mitroglou and then either Moniaki or G.Papadopoulo also.Komourtzi was supposed to be a Pao target also but with the last couple of weeks drama over there i see that they might lose players instead of buying any. Komourtzi is a player that i like and he can really help since Dudu is recovering from the knee surgery and Ourtado had another injury today and does not look ready yet.My only question is why over-stall a transfer for almost 2 damn years.That is how long Olympiakos management and newspapers are talking about us getting that guy......mind you that summer time we said no of getting him with the excuse that he is not a DM exactly,while now we are getting him because we are lucking DM......anyway.
  6. Moniakis and Mitroglou have both said yes to go on a loan for 6 months to Panionios and also Olympiakos to pay 400k now and another 400k summer time but former Panionios president Tsakiris is asking for an extra 200k...
  7. I know that Milan put an 8 mil euros fee on him if anybody wants to buy him out.That is why yesterday they were saying that he might stay in Italy untill the summer but who really knows??? Olympiakos is doing some movements today since Manolis Moniakis from OFI has gone to our main offices and he is ready to sign a 4 year deal but he will go on a loan to Panionios propably with Mitroglou and 500k as we get Giannis Maniatis from them.
  8. Olympiakos so far has not made any deals yet but it seems that the Maniatis transfer to Olympiakos-Mitroglou on a loan and some money deal with Panionios is a posibility.AEK has also made an offer already but Panionios turned that offer down. Olympiakos asked the price for the 22yr old Ivan Rakitits of Schalke but the 11 mil for 3 year demand of the player is too much for Olympiakos at this moment. Then we have a big list of names that have made the newspapers that as always include Castillo as 1 of the names but i wont post anything unless i see a signed paper for any of the players that olympiakos is "looking at".
  9. Aris proved to all of us that greek teams can perform miracles.Great away win against the UEFA cup current title holder in their home is not something that we see every day.
  10. AEL FC Arena is the name that they picked for the new stadium. Here is the whole announcement from AEL president Kostas Pidalakis:
  11. Maybe we should start using the 5 ref thing that UEFA is using for the CL games this year but also we need to create and allow the greek version of the Kolinas to take the head reaf jobs instead of the corrupt and manipulated system that exists today.We need to stop promoting the ones with friends and relatives in high places and use only the capable and corect people.The bad thing is that the big clubs are the ones that are complaining the most while the small are left in the wind....
  12. Apparently Olympiakos had an offer of 1.5mil to sell Zairi to Genoa but management and coach said no.Nice.
  13. Today G.Papadopoulos will start practicing with the rest of the squad since he has fully recovered from his injury.Zairi is expected to join the team tomorrow so Olympiakos might have everybody ready and available for next week SL game.
  14. Marinakis is not Kokkalis.I believe that he will give Valverde the whole 2 years that he has signed him for.He likes him and he understands that every coach needs time to work and then at the end you can judge if he has done a good work or not.Didn't you see what Mourinio said after the draw that Real Madrid had last weekend."I am not Harry Poter.There is no magic wand in soccer.I started with draws in both Parto and Inter but at the end of the year i won the titles." ;)
  15. Savas Theodoridis is just another "grafikos" greek team supporter.If you listen to radio or read some other greek teams blogs you will find that 50% of EVERY greek team supporter is only able to live,talk and breath the colour of his team so i am not supriced by it.Nobody is willing to be normal and 100% honest and actually give credit when is due to another team and give damn to theirs when is not performing.Listen to sportfm and you will find many and plenty reds,greens,yellows or blacks that you just wish to able to slap them silly for what they say and believe.Greece as a country is a BIG KAFENEIO that everybody does and says whatever they feel like.....EPO is a bunch of little people with no real power,refs that are either friends of some clubs or afraid of losing their jobs or are plain useless and not great to begin with,media and press with only purpose to put more oil to the fire and feed the madness of absolute fanatism,team presidents that do nothing about the violence or improving the product that they sell,FOOTBALL,Super league with special rules and terms for the few big teams and f..k the rest clubs and then the few "normal" ones here watching the other leagues(English,Spanish,Italian) and dreaming of our level actually 1 day to get closer to their standards.Theodoridis is just doing the same thing that Georgiadis was doing a few years back....asking for the refs to be extra helpfull to the big clubs... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Since our next game is 2 weeks away,i wanted to started a general discusion place that we can all comment on anything and everything that we like or not like about Olympiakos. I will start with something that i dont like so far.Olympiakos and Marinakis this summer tried to cover the way to MANY holes that we had in our roster in every area,Defence,Midfield and Forwards.I am mostly pleased with the players and the ammount of solutions that we got in almost every spot with the excemption of DM(Defensive Midfield).Olympiakos for many years has been hurting in that spot and for me that is propably the most important spot in todays football since the player in that spot and the ammount of abilities that he has might make a good club better or a great club greater.Olympiakos for me has limited solutions there,Hurtado,Dudu and G.Papadopoulos.With the excemption of Hurtado that we have not seen for more than 45min and 3-4 days only with the club,Dudu is not a clean cut DM,he has a big body and he can not run and cover for 90min the whole area in front of our defence and also G.Papadopoulos is way to soft and technical for the spot.I consider them as CM(Center midfileders) really than DM.Olympiakos should have kept Katsikogiannis in our roster.A young guy that had a great half season with OFI last year(he was one of their best players in almost every game he played) that has the stamina to run and mark people for 90 min and also to develop better around more talented players in Olympiakos.Valverde said that he is ok with the current roster and i really hope that we have no injuries and everything works out great but to go from having Stoltidi-Patsatzoglou-Ledesma and proving that they were not enough to just having Hurtado and 2 guys that can try to play the spot but are NOT DMs is semi tricky for me.Olympiakos will face for most of the season with the excemption of games against PAO-AEK-PAOK & ARIS close defences with 11 players defending and rellying on the counter attacks.Something like Iraklis did last saturday.You need a DM that can stop them before they become a threat to our defence.I have faith in Valverde that he is a good coach,good with his players and not a Diva and that he will get 100% of them on the pitch when everybody gets to know each other better and play as a team but 1 more DM would not have hurt us.I hope it does not at the end.
  17. There is also a rumour in England that Olympiakos is trying to get Damien Plesy,a 22yr french DM from Liverpool on a 1 year loan but that information is not confirmed by Olympiakos as of yet.Valverde has said that he is ok with our current roster and since tomorrow is the last transfer day we will find out soon enough.
  18. Papazoglou is exepcted to sign his contract with us but then he will retutn to his club for 1 year.That will be the last transfer of the summer.Vasilogiannis and Valerianos are going to be leaving on a loan for 1 year to play at Ethikos. Later news about this case.Papazoglou signed his 5 year contract and the official statement to take place by Monday.14 and last transfer.
  19. Normally i like to give people-teams-sports a lot of time before i can make a judgement about them and comment on what i like or dont like.Today i want to comment on 3 things about Olympiakos president that really have impressed me a lot.1)During the friendly game against Roma,a few fans that were behind the italian bench started making some trouble and they were trying to "intemedate" the opposing team and players.Marinakis instead of playing blind and let them get away with it,made some statements after the game,really pissed off,that he wont tolerate any kind of that behavior as long as he is the president and that he would "kick" people out that are trying to hurt our own club.From the get-go he warnes the "ultras" that he is not Kokkalis.He wants Karaiskaki full and open to our fans and that is why he will show them no mercy in case of any future bs.I like that.I want to see him actually keeping that promise but as a new guy in charge he seems to not give a damn about be friendly with some of our supporters who dont know how to behave.2)Today during the presentation of the last 4 players to join our club,Pantelic,Moises,Fuster and Nemeth,Moralis came to the room a few seconds before Marinakis and instead of being his normal lazy half sleep self,he was running left and right to find the mobile microphone so Marinakis could talk to the press.By Moralis movement i understand that Marinakis expect everybody to WORK hard for our club and again,he is a man you dont f..k with.He spends his money,he is a fanatic olympiakos supporter but he wants everything to be up to par.3) and for me the funniest of all was the few seconds that Marinakis spoke to the press.No goofy around and extra smiles.He shoke hands with all 4 players,then wished them all the best,had the photographers take some pictures with the players holding their jerseys and he in the middle not smiling and then said the best line:"ok people of press,lets be done with the pictures now.To make many statements is a waste of time.Now it is time for them(players)to work hard and prove what they can do on the pitch."Not any bla-bla and welcome superstarts and whatever else,straight to the point,we like you,we pay you, now start working and playing and repay us with your performance and our titles chase. I dont know why but i feel Marinakis as one of us,normal-semi sick gavrous with some brain tho and class and i really feel that he has gone above my expectations so far in many levels in his first 2 months in the spot.I see many good things happening because of this man.He has make me a supporter of his and i like the way he leads the club.
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