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  1. We have better players than last year and a better bench also but dont tell them that.... ;) :D Compared to what we had last year.
  2. Patients my friend.We will see what is what at the the end of this year....
  3. Pao123 my friend,we are champios for the value of transfers and to say otherwise is just bad math. :P If all or most of them are succesfull that is another ball game but when Pao did 5 total transfers,AEK also 4-5 and we are in 15 what you want me to call that so you are ok???we did few??? :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Because they want 1 of the owners to be in charge but to be honest the president spot means really nothing.All of them mostly care about their own pocket and team...
  5. Vardinogiannis on whose payroll??Marinakis just took over Olympiakos 59 days ago..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :tup: :tup: :nw: :nw:
  6. Katsikogiannis might actually stay with Olympiakos... :D http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/288884
  7. That is not the suprise,the real suprise is actually that he was elected and Pao voted for his also. :tup:
  8. Guys i am in favor for greek talent and all but lets be honest here for a minute.This is Greece we are talking about and not England.Here teams,players,coaches and presidents dont get enough time from the fans if they dont produce results right away.With the exception of maybe AEK because of the bad finances,everybody else is forced to get the foreigner that will make the newspapers to sell more copies and the fans happy that the teams got "world class" talent.The good greek young guys are always overpriced when teams like OSFP or PAO are interested in them.K.Papadopoulos for me was a great talent and i would like to see him still here but it was a better move for his career the new team and league that he will be playing.Example is Ninis at Pao,great player but it took how many years and how many coaches to actually see many playing minutes??? Pao paid how much for Spyropoulos and what was the price tag for Tzavela from Panionios??almost as much as Riera costed from Liverpool..The good thing is that Marinakis looks like he has a plan for our academy guys and the 3 of them going to OFI we play and get more battle ready since there new team wants to come back in the SL.Time will tell really.Also the young players on the big clubs need to get lucky like Manolas did for AEK.If Maistorovic was not selled and with Dellas coming this year i dont think that he would have gotten as many minutes as he might see now.. Anyway,the news of the day: 1)Moises Hurtado arrives in greece today at 16.00 local gr time.He will go for his physical test and then he will sign his 3 year contract. 2)Maresca is supposed to make his decision today if he agrees to the solutions that Marinakis gave his manager so he can depart from our club for good.Oscar might follow. 3)Some greek newspapers are mentioning that if Maresca leaves,Olympiakos will also sign William Venker but we have to wait and see about that. 4)Papazoglou is also supposed to be signing with us but then staying to his current club,(Panseraikos) for 1 more year. 5)Now we have the "i dont believe rumours but lets type them anyway" that Olympiakos might also go for Blanco and Morras but as i said earlier i see that mucho xlomo... 6)PAE Olympiakos will officialy present Pantelic,Nemeth,Fuster and Moises to the press and fans thursday.
  9. Katsikogiannis i believe should have stayed with us but i will like to see if G.Papadopoulos will see more playing time this year.For sure tho,all 3 of them will see a lot more playing time at OFI that they would to Olympiakos. Thrylos dont see the glass half empty just yet. ;) :D Keep the faith brother.
  10. Moises and Espanyol have agreed with Olympiakos.The player is expected to Greece tomorrow to sign his new 3 year contract.
  11. exactly so dont dream about Glentia just yet.... :P :D
  12. Thrylos my friend i agree with many of your points but as i have said in another topic,this is a new year,a new coach,a new president and a new team.12+1(Moises) new players have joined to cover the holes and upgrade our clubs roster but more important to me,to improve our game.The 90+ minutes of actuall soccer/football game.Last year they were many games that to watch the games of our club was actually for me a waste of time.No speed,no excitement,no fantasy,no hope really.This year i feel better,i have to wait and see all of them melting together into a team first but they make me want to give them a chance or many chances actually to play the game and make it fun again.On paper we look ok,now we just need to see on the pitch how we will do. On another note,Maresca and Oscar will have talks this week with our management since both players do not fit into our new year team plans and both of them will be asked to depart in any way or form posible. Also we await for the ok by Moises so we can finalize our roster.Both spanish and greek press are mentioning that today is the day but we will need to wait and see first. Final note,as far as Fuster goes,and i dont like to comment on something that i have not seen with my eyes first but apparently in the friendly against Olympiakos Volou this past saturday he impressed a lot of people with his speed and good pass.Again we all need to wait and see on the pitch what is what.
  13. I got my BAM yesterday,Nemeth...remember him :LOL: :LOL: Padelic is going to be my scorer. I dont want him to play for the team Niko,i just want 10-15 goals out of him.That is all i want.Plus he will feel right home with Rommendahl on the right of him like last year on Ajax and a Kovacevic taking care of his character posible issues. just to tease you because of the BAM+Paixtaras comments which one was your recent BAM???Boumsong???..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: PS.Machals 31 goals was a decade ago,Padelic scored 16 goals in 25 games last year.
  14. I believe that if somebody was able to score 15 last year for Ajax,he can score the same number for us in the SL.This year and with the roster that we have i believe that Olympiakos will be able to first hold the ball a lot more,control tempo and try to play faster and second we will create more scoring chances for our players up front.Pantelic has 2 major good things for me,he can score,he has that special ability that the good strikers have of scoring even with a small number of chances.Second he does not over hold the ball,he is not like Diogo,hold the ball and try to drible 2-3 guys.He seems to be playing the ball fast,1-2 pass and i believe that he will even make Mitroglou better since the younster will have to work harder in order to get playing minutes. With no doubt,we have improved drastically this year.Now it is a matter of how much time Valverde and the players will need to become and play as a TEAM. I feel a lot better and confident than 2 months ago.Pao is still the team to beat but in the SL,the games with the other teams is what makes the difference between win or lose the championship.
  15. Guys,dont be like the greek press,Glentia-Colpo Groso-Arpagi that is just for show.It was not GLENTIAAAA last year between you and us and we had no "great" team like you guys did so to celebrate now when we have gotten some good additions,is way to premature.Unless you want to get me started.... :D :box: :LOL: Diogo was good his first year but even i would look good with the players he had around him.Last year he was at best average....and mainly because he likes to party so i will not cry over him.I cried over Kovacevic and Galletti but not for D. Now in the news of the day: 1)16:10 is the time that David Fuster is scheduled to arrive to Greece and a few hours later to pass his physical and sign his new contract. 2)Nemeth is also supposed to come to Greece today and sign his contract but no specifics as of what time yet.His manager is already at the Olympiakos offices. 3)Today also is expected that Hurtado and Olympiakos will finalize the deal between them and close this transfer. 4)Also today or in the next few days we might see the move of Subinio to Panseraikos and the arrival of Papazoglou from that same team.That way Olympiakos will have a total of 5 CB,Melberg,A.Papadopoulos,Modesto,Potouridis and Papazoglou. Now there are 2 scenarios out there.If Diogo actually leaves,Olympiakos will move for a CF,maybe Kovacevic style player.Also if Maresca finds a team and leaves us,Olympiakos will propably move and try to get Venker.
  16. Valverde said after the game that he counts on Diogo :o .!!!!!!!!!! http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/287986
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