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  1. In a disgraceful debate - courtesy of the Orange Orangutan Donald J. Trump - the Asshole in Chief and the Republicans have laid out in plain view their plans of hijacking democracy. In my previous post, Fareed Zakaria outlines their plan - their only plan in hanging on to power to the detriment of the wish of the People of this country. In case you missed it - just be ready for the most ugly debate you have ever seen.
  2. With Trump not committing to a peaceful transfer of power, Fareed Zakaria presents a scary scenario of how Republicans might hold on to power. In Pennsylvania (where I vote) it seems that Republicans are actually working towards making this happen. I have to admit that I do fear for Democracy in this country. Republicans have shown time and again that they don't believe in it, do not respect political norms, and they will pull out all the stops in order to hang on to power. All I can say is: vote as if your life depends on it! It really does!
  3. 200,000 dead of Covid-19 in US (CNN) The death toll has surpassed the number of American combat deaths in the country's five most recent wars combined. Remember this when you vote on Nov. 3. Hold your politicians responsible for the role they played in this terrible chapter in the history of this country. It didn't have to be this way!
  4. Yes, there have been some issues with software updates/upgrades and we needed to revert back to previous installations. Sometimes that might cause issues with cached files and scripts. Clear your web cache. More updates will be performed this week.
  5. An interesting article and one that seems to capture the gravity of the moment. I do agree with the author that says: "The answer to the question: “who on earth is dumb enough to believe in the gaslighting of America, at the point of literal mass death?” is, sadly, too many in a position of mainstream intellectual and cultural power in America." The US is on the verge of succumbing to Trump's authoritarianism, yet the majority of the citizens fails to understand and take this seriously. I also agree with the author's statement that the US fails to understand this because they have not exp
  6. Topic unlocked. All comments will require moderator approval prior to release.
  7. One more little new feature is the Topic View Summary that appears at the topic sidebar area - a bird's eye view of activity within the topic. It very quickly lets you know how old the topic is and how long it has been since the last reply. This context is essential if you are unwittingly replying to an older topic.
  8. Still working on improving the forum interface and functionality. Added a feature to preview new topic and comment posting prior to posting. Maybe it won't improve the quality of the posts, but it will certainly help make them look prettier! 😎
  9. There was an attempt to a software/system upgrade. Things did go wrong, and had to restore an earlier backup version. Some newer posts might have been lost. Sorry guys. Will attempt another upgrade over this coming weekend, so we will need to close the forums for a few hours. On Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020, the forums will not be available from 1:00PM - 5:00PM.
  10. The US Naval Special Warfare Command said Sunday it is investigating a video that showed military working dogs attacking a stand-in wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey during a demonstration at the Navy Seal Museum last year. What a disgrace for the US Navy! A clear display of whom they consider the 'bad guy'. A terrible lapse of judgement from the officers responsible for the training or a clear sign about the degree in which racism is wide spread in all US institutions? Top command better come down hard on this. https://twitter.com/BillyCorben/status/1289961836264095744?s=20
  11. It's unfortunate that cases have spiked, but good to hear that the governor of Victoria is determined on taking drastic actions. Let's hope you guys manage to keep things under control and that we will look at you as another success story.
  12. Happy to hear that you are getting things under control. Keep trying and follow the guidance set forth by the rest of the world - a world that seems to be managing the pandemic a bit better than us.
  13. Topic locked. For now. There seems to be a problem getting it under control, so we'll change course and policies.
  14. "Yes, I was beaten, left bloody and unconscious. But I never became bitter or hostile, never gave up. I believe that somehow and some way if it becomes necessary to use our bodies to help redeem the soul of a nation, then we must do it." Congressman John Lewis, June 2020.


  15. Former President Barack Obama delivered a rousing eulogy celebrating Lewis' life. "He, as much as anyone in our history, brought this country a little bit closer to our highest ideals," Mr. Obama said. Consider it a lesson in leadership and human values. Topic is locked to keep out trolling (we'll deal with all the exotic trolls in these forums in the coming days).
  16. That's a great question. According to the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, "Effectiveness of quarantine during a viral outbreak relies on the timing and accuracy of the quarantine period, as well as the ability of individuals and health care providers to follow quarantine procedures. Current evidence to inform quarantine is limited, and COVID-19 infection trends raise critical questions about implementation effectiveness." ... "Quarantine is different from isolation, which is the separation of ill or infected persons from others to prevent the spread of infection or contamination. Int
  17. I think that is what everybody should be doing. It's too early for us in the US to let our guard down.
  18. @Molon Lave Our prayers are with you. This is scary indeed. For our international members, this reference from the BBC : Why Texas is seeing a coronavirus surge might shed some light as to why your state is going through these tough times. Stay healthy.
  19. It's scary. Southeastern Pennsylvania entered its Green phase yesterday. Philadelphia enters the Green phase on Fri. Jul 3. Let's see how that goes. Will our fellow citizens act as responsible adults or immature children? I am pessimistic on this. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer: Pennsylvania does less coronavirus testing than almost every other state "If not for Philadelphia, where testing is relatively widespread, Pennsylvania’s rate would be even lower — roughly 4,800 tests per 100,000 people, ahead of only Wyoming, Idaho, and Puerto Rico..... But how much is enough? Epidem
  20. Just a bit confused here. Which part do you consider funny? The incompetence or the propaganda? Have you not seen yet how this person's incompetence, corruption, cronyism and policies have wrecked this country? The fact that this individual is holding the highest elected position in our country and running running for re-election should scare the living daylights out of everybody.
  21. The Greek Government's official count is here: https://covid19.gov.gr/covid19-live-analytics/
  22. Yes, many have been called the name. People like slapping labels onto others. While the word 'fascist' has acquired a feeling of the extreme, like 'crying wolf', one has to pay close attention and study what fascism is and the machinations of how fascism works. Then, evaluate on your own where we currently stand and whether these labels are justifiable or not when applied to our current political climate and if they should be used when making the association with Donald J. Trump. An excellent study on the subject is the 2018 book: How Fascism Works by Jason Stanley. (The Guardian Review )
  23. A video clip from the New York Times for the thinking citizens of the US:
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