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  1. Wel it seems like Paok's board knows that the midfield is weak as s**t. So this transfer is on the right direction. How are the "Ronandinho comming to Paok" rumors this year going?
  2. "18 teams", lets make the league less competitive, as that equals more revenue. Should just go to 12 teams or 10 with four rounds.
  3. Mario balotelli, isnt a team player, hes full of himself. Dont think hes a good match.
  4. Nilaul

    Toumba Stadium

    There's nothing in the document, except that its even possible to build a 45,000 in the area without any alterations to the surroundings.
  5. I'm not sure if this Abel's fault or not, but Paok has one way of attacking, which is through the wings. It makes it very predictable to defend.
  6. Not sure weather to count this game as a success or a fail for Abel. He took Tzolis out when he was on the run. I dunno at times. Paok seemed to be dangerous and somehow we didn't field our best 11 all at once.
  7. FFP is bullshit when your own president is funding the team from his own pocket without endangering the team. Sure wanna level the field in EUROPE? Then limit the big teams, but not the smaller teams that want to grow.
  8. That wouldn't pass in any country, not just Greece. You cant build a team around youth unless your happy with potentially not getting any champions league money. Its needs to be a mix, just how its done in any other country. They have a few young players who play along the older ones but they will never field the whole team with youngsters unless they have secured the league. Biseswar is someone I would consider selling. He cant aim to save his life, and every-time he actually scored, I'm always surprised how he even managed to take a shot on target. The guy needs to realise that he cant aim and he needs to takes shooting practice very seriously (everyday of the week for ever), or he just stops shooting and uses his skills purely to setup goals. If he does none, I think we can find someone better.
  9. We have the time to take it back to CAS . For another episode of the bourdelo.
  10. Bisesvar is a legit player but he cant aim to save his life, I mean we could still keep both of them with no big change on on Paok's financials. Maybe Warda has matured enough to listen to instructions.
  11. Abel exam 1/3 passed. 2 more exams waiting.
  12. TBF we need midfielders, and given how are midfield looks like right now, Warda should be given another shot.
  13. Well I can imagine the shi tshow that will happen if CAS returns the points to Paok. Greek football will literally burn after that. We should had won this game, perhaps we could had hit Olympiakos, but yeah... Abel has no idea what he is doing, he has to go.
  14. Mr Ferreira needs to go, Paok can play, that's evident by the spells we have, yet be seems to gimp the team with his weird tactics and ideas.
  15. They too want the league to be more profitable so that their own business doesn't go down the drain. 16 teams makes sense? It doesn't, most of our league is pure trash. We don't need more trash teams we need less, and more matches between the top teams.
  16. Is FFP seriously going to be an issue this year with all the Corona? Or will clubs get a clean slate so that they can breathe?
  17. 16 teams ha ha ha , they need to stop dreaming. It sounds like some teams owners are trying to their friend's team in and they also find the prospect of an competitive league threatening (bigger chances of being relegated, "απλός θέλουν να βολευτούνε", without feeling the pressure of having to invest in their team in order to stay relevant). Nova seems to want to drop the teams to 12 which I support (hell maybe even dropping the teams to 10 would be better), perhaps we can play 4 rounds of football instead of the weird playoff system.
  18. Just do a final game between 1 and 2 , 3 and 4 and call it a day. Fully Resuming the league is irresponsible.
  19. Well F***... I told you guys we need better central midfielders..
  20. Coefficient is such bullshit right now.. It seems like it simply designed to keep the big historical clubs big and the small clubs small.
  21. They actually have safe standing areas and any areas without seats, they have to install seats for European/international games.
  22. It can be standing if only the Local laws allow it, because for European and international matches there must be seats installed. Which means you essentially get a stand with folded seats and barriers at every row.
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