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  1. Everything's been touched on, Schalke relied on punishing our mistakes. their performance was nothing flash, ours (before the second goal) was decent enough to maybe nab a result, but we come away with a hefty loss. That's football sometimes.
  2. Biseswar is carrying on a bit like a m#$%!, holding onto the ball too long also. Mystakidis will be getting called up after this performance
  3. Pontos

    SL - R20: AO Xanthi - PAOK ( 12 Feb 17, 17:15 EET )

    gamo to kerato sou klaus
  4. Pontos

    SL - R20: AO Xanthi - PAOK ( 12 Feb 17, 17:15 EET )

    great passage of play, just lacked the finish
  5. Pontos

    SL - R20: AO Xanthi - PAOK ( 12 Feb 17, 17:15 EET )

    Bananas, might be worth downloading adblock
  6. Do you remember early last season against Giannina with Vellidis? He transformed into Buffon that day
  7. Pontos

    Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2016

    Fetfa or bust
  8. Pontos

    Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2016

    Anything to get Djalma off the park
  9. Pontos


    This is why Islamophobic campaigns (Reclaim Australia, Trump's pledge to ban Muslim immigration) do nothing but make the situation worse. It creates a us vs them mentality that forces those that aren't radicalised into the arms of the radical groups who swear to protect them and their faith.
  10. This is the worst Olympiakos team I've seen to be honest, and on paper we're good enough to beat them. We had our chances and didn't capitalise. While Malezas and Varela were solid most of the game I think we missed Tzavellas' leadship, especially late when Olympiakos gathered momentum. I like our squad (aside from that petsa Djalma who's one of our highest earners and Shakov) and I don't want to prematurely start calling for Ivic's head, especially after what he showed in last season's playoff campaign.