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  1. In other phantis news, AEK has been relegated.
  2. Yiankos Greatest Hits featuring ukworm.
  3. I think we’ll have to do an end of year summary instead. I miss Campos.
  4. How on earth did we buy players ? Wasn’t it with Savvidis money ?
  5. Thanks for clarifying the criteria @Lazarus. That makes a bit more sense. At least a potential candidate isn’t thrown away just because of their lack of donors. End of the day money unfortunately plays a massive role. It is what it is. The amounts are mind boggling. Regardless, I’m sure whoever the candidate ends up being, money I would imagine, won’t be a problem. The important thing I believe, is for the Democrats to select a candidate who (a) doesn’t have baggage (I’m thinking Hillary here) and (b) is sincere. By sincere I mean someone like Obama. Not an exact like for like but in a similar vein. Obama didn’t have that image of being “establishment” and I feel he really did want to do a good job in the face of many obstacles. Hillary/Trump strike me as wanting the position for the sake of it. These are just my perceptions though and I’m not heavily into U.S. politics or policies. But (and this is important) whoever the candidate is, they need to bypass/ignore Trump as much as possible, by concentrating on policy. No one can win against Trump by trying to criticise him. The man is beyond criticism. Policy, policy, policy, policy, policy. It’s what thinking people are interested in. Those that aren’t, well there is no convincing them anyway.
  6. Anyone with (a) a pulse and (b) sincerity should be able to win comfortably. Just don’t try and persuade Trump voters as that really is not possible.
  7. Why are 65,000 donors even required ? “Capitalism” alive and well. I will program this into an AI program. if num_donors >= 65000 this.candidate = worthy else this.candidate = rejected
  8. The more interesting question is what shall we call the thread ? I open with “Days of our lives”.
  9. So we are the 5th best team in Greece ?
  10. No I don’t remember. Could be I’m suffering from PTSD from all those bad signings and they’ve been erased my memory. For some reason the word “necid” keeps appearing in my mind.
  11. Is there any clarity on what the “real” price is for Oliviera ? At 6 million he’s a buy but at 12 it’s getting kind of crazy.
  12. As long as the final has foreign referees I am not concerned about the game itself. As for our fans, yeah, that is always a worry.
  13. This site has been around for a long time. At least 10 or so years that I know of. I am very impressed by whoever runs it. He does a better job than UEFA.
  14. I’ll be happy if we can get another season Fromm Jaba, that is we sell at the end of season 19/20. But, I don’t even think we’ll be blue to hang on to him that long. Kudos to whoever scouted this kid.
  15. Lamia in the final it is then.
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