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  1. He's a bad player at this level. Should be nowhere near the NT
  2. Technically, Greece is playing their B/C team. Finland is once again getting killed. How they have qualified for the Euro...
  3. Sokratis and Manolas need to be on this team. This form isn't sustainable without our best players. Some fans think this honeymoon will last forever. It's time for Sokratis and Manolas back. We dominated Finland even in the first match but lost through a lucky edge of the box penalty call.
  4. We are so much better than Finland, but they are very lucky. Again.
  5. A lot is strange about Bakasetas' selection in general. There's something JVS likes about him. I think he shouldn't be anywhere near the NT, let alone get minutes.
  6. First name on the team sheet for the NT no matter how good or bad he plays for his club.
  7. Thanks and Kone has his own thread for next time.
  8. Work rate, style, ambition were stupendous, but I do not think this form is sustainable without an injection of talent. Sokratis, Manolas, Fortounis back in the squad and Fetfa back in the starting XI. I'd play a similar lineup as today vs Armenia and if they display the same form, insert the the 2 CBs vs Finland.
  9. Injuries hurt us, and player selections/starting lineups crippled us.
  10. Fefta was dynamite in his last start, the only player that was a true threat. Result: benched. Bakasetas was atrocious last game, and every game. Result: first name on gamesheet.
  11. Did you see the backline he is fielding? Hatzidiakos and Stafylidis at CB. Silly.
  12. I can see us getting smacked today worse than vs Italy. We have a history with Bosnia and they are out for blood. They are also desperate for the points and came off a big win vs Finland. JVS's backline that he is fielding today is comically bad.
  13. Bakasetas has been one of the worst players I've ever witnessed for the NT. A disgrace. I can't recall a good sequence, let alone a good game. Donis and Fetfa benched for Bakasetas. JVC that is shameful.
  14. Agreed. All this mess stemmed from injuries to Fortounis and to a lesser extent Donis. That coupled with stubborn selections and poor tactics, it all went downhill fast.
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