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  1. He is a true asset. If healthy and in form, I'd go as far as saying he could battle Sokratis and Manolas for a spot. I truly believe that. What happens when someone is often injured is that, when healthy, it's that much harder to regain 1. form, 2. confidence in yourself and 3. the confidence of your manager. The more you get injured that deeper the hole you start from every single time.
  2. Kone signed with A-League newcomers Western Melbourne FC on a two year deal. He was never Andrea Pirlo, but, for a couple of years, he was one of the better Greek players in Europe. His career really nosedived in his late 20s, and now, at only 31, he's gonna be playing in Australia.
  3. He was a sure bet with Sokratis/Manolas quality but injuries decimated his career.
  4. Argy

    Other Greeks Abroad

    You are right and I did know that. Mind must have been on Nikolaou from the prior post.
  5. Argy

    Other Greeks Abroad

    A couple of Greeks Abroad newcomers: Stelios Kitsiou from PAOK to Ankaragucu in Turkey on loan until then end of the season 18 year old Nikos Michelis permanent transfer from Asteras to AC Milan. We will be keeping an eye on this one.
  6. 18 months is a long time for a 30 year old striker that seems to be slowing down. Not my favourite move for him, but yea hope he gets firing. I have a good feeling he will have success in Turkey.
  7. Argy

    Jose Holebas ‒ Watford F.C.

    Some reports saying that Holebas is considering a return to the NT. At 34, I don't think that will happen. Although he's playing the best football of his career, and he will surely help very short-term, Greece is already somewhat deep in at LB. I would be much more excited if he'd come back as a midfielder.
  8. Argy

    Other Greeks Abroad

    Dimitrios Nikolaou has been sent from Olympiacos to Empoli on loan for the rest of the season.
  9. On 3 January he moved to Serie B side Lecce on loan, with a clause included to make the move permanent in the summer.
  10. Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-0 today. Our boy had Hazard in his pocket and a finally in-form Koscielny took some of the weight off Sokratis in the backline and they both had a huge game. Sokratis assisted on Koscielny's goal with a well-directed volley.
  11. He's doing great. One of the best CB in the EPL at the moment.
  12. Argy

    Sotiris Ninis ‒ Hapoel Ashkelon

    There is so much to say about Greek's abroad. So many examples and different experiences. Certainly the longer you stay in the Greek league, the better chance you stagnate. KPap and Ninis are different though. Injuries tore apart KPap's career, whereas Ninis' inconsistency and lack of development killed his. Lots of factors come into play for Greeks going abroad. No Greek goes into a foreign club with any kind of pedigree, as I believe that players from the GSL, and Greek footballers, in general, have to work twice as hard to earn the respect and confidence of managers. Also, as I've stated in the past, what's hindering young Greek players in General from getting a timely opportunity abroad is the fact that, for years, the GSL has been just good enough to keep their talent long enough to sell for a higher profit. Whereas, in countries like Croatia, where the league wasn't as competitive, would sell their players younger and cheaper to bigger clubs around Europe. And the results are in front of us.
  13. Argy

    Sotiris Ninis ‒ Hapoel Ashkelon

    That all goes to show that the youth talent is present, but club & league culture and training programs & facilities, all which translate to professionalism and development, are lacking in Greece. The most successful players leave Greece very young. Yes, there are examples of players leaving and coming back, some falling off the map, others thriving in the GSL, but, nevertheless, if a young Greek player wants to give himself the best shot at a successful career, he needs to develop outside Greece.
  14. Argy

    Sotiris Ninis ‒ Hapoel Ashkelon

    I dont think anyone fathomed him as the present. He is clearly the past, but I guess it's just interesting to keep tabs on someone that was central topic of conversations for mny years. At this point he will retire at 30.
  15. Argy

    Kostas Manolas ‒ AS Roma

    When was it published?