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  1. We were missing Mitroglou and Papadopoulos which is easily a combined 30m. Sokratis is a little undervalued, probably due to his age. The Belgians are great but some of their price tags are a little inflated due to their club and country.
  2. I just got to the bottom of this. I saw this on Agona Sports. He was voted MOTM by fans on Leverkusen's official twitter account. My bad, but Agona's misleading title is a little to blame. Nonetheless, he must have had a solid debut.
  3. Just thought this was entertaining from Gazetta.gr. The value of the players capped in Greece-Belgium on Sep 3: ΕΛΛΑΔΑ: Καρνέζης: 4 εκατ. ευρώ Μανιάτης: 1 εκατ. ευρώ Σωκράτης Παπασταθόπουλος: 28 Μανωλάς: 30 Τζαβέλλας: 1,75 Σάμαρης: 8 Ζέκα: 2,5 Τζιόλης: 800.000 Σταφυλίδης: 4,5 Φορτούνης: 9 Δώνης: 1,25 ΑΛΛΑΓΕΣ: Λυκογιάννης: 1,75 Μπακασέτας: 1 Βέλλιος: 1,25 ΣΥΝΟΛΟ: 94 ΕΚΑΤ. 800 ΧΙΛΙΑΔΕΣ ΕΥΡΩ ΒΕΛΓΙΟ: Κουρτουά: 40 εκατ. ευρώ Βερτόνγκεν: 28 Αλντερβάιρελντ: 35 Βερμάλεν: 3 Ντεμπελέ: 18 Μενιέ: 9 Φελαϊνί: 12 Καράσκο: 40 Ντε Μπρόινε: 65 Μερτένς: 28 Λουκάκου: 60 ΑΛΛΑΓΕΣ: Ντεντόνκερ: 15 Τσαντλί: 15 Εντέρ Αζάρ: 75 ΣΥΝΟΛΟ: 443 ΕΚΑΤ. ΕΥΡΩ
  4. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    What a shame with Vellios, went to Everton at 19, 6'4 striker all the promise in the world, but he just doesn't have the killer instinct.
  5. He was named MOTM in his first start for Bayer.
  6. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Ninis playing for a mid-table Israeli club at 27 years old is ridiculous; Never thought he would reach this low. Fetfa should be on the NT. This is a tired subject. We are very thin in the wing position and he was good in the glimpses that we saw of him a couple of years ago.
  7. Tasos Donis - OGC Nice ◄ Juventus

    We gotta update the title of this thread to say VfB Stuttgart.
  8. Ellada your assessment is logical, but football sometimes isn't. This is also what I believe, crossing my fingers until then.
  9. A healthy Mitroglou will be key for us. He gives us an irreplaceable presence up front which we lacked thoroughly vs Estonia and Belgium. He is aiming for an October return, but let's hope it's before the 7th and he gets a game with Marseille under his belt.
  10. They won't. They have such a deep roster that there are bench players more than deserving of getting playing time and management is well-aware of that. Their subs are almost as good as the starters, but I think we will see a mix of players on October 7.
  11. FIFA World Ranking

    What an embarrassent. FIFA rankings are garbage. We don't reserve that ranking by any extent. Look at so some teams above us, it's really hard to swallow, like Congo DR, Bolivia, Scotland, Tunisia. The 3 countries directly below us are Haiti, Burkina Faso, Australia...Great company. At this point, there is zero chance we are a seeded team even if we do manage to somehow make the playoffs. We will face the likes of Italy, Portugal or Sweden.
  12. The Federation should be punished for the actions of fans/staff/players not because it is directly to blame, but it is a matter of being a deterrent for future incidences. It is different getting reprimanded personally and it is different being responsible for the stadium bans or point diductions. The latter holding more weight for most. it may be due to precedence and there is no conspiracy against Greece but the punishment from the actions of the Bosnian fans and their coach should have been more severe.
  13. What a joke this is. Their coach straight up punched a 5'6, 160 lbs player in the face.
  14. I think the most that can happen is that if the game is tied late they might not go 100% on a ball or two. Maybe.
  15. Sounds like Greece whenever they play a lesser opponent.