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  1. According to reports, out of Hamburg, trial in China, didn't work out, back to Europe, interest from Russia. Biggest failed talent in Greek football history?
  2. In addition to Tsimikas in talks with Napoli, Roma is said to be after PAOK LB Dimitris Giannoulis.
  3. Very solid performance vs Crystal palace despite the draw. Arsenal were playing on 10 men for a portion of this game.
  4. He needs minutes so this isn't a bad move for him. It's not like he would drop to 3. Bundesliga if ever they end up relegated. This move could have been worse, like to the GSL.
  5. Ajax is a big club, but relatively so is Benfica. Seems like a lateral move to me. Would much rather see him move to a top tier club/league.
  6. Reports out of Italy are that Napoli have dropped their interest on Koutris, but have set their sights on Tsimikas.
  7. If he continues to progress in that position and considering he plays at the highest level, definitely can make a case for that.
  8. Two MoTM calibre performances in one week. Hopefully he maintains his form. Looking good under Arteta.
  9. Technically, Greece is playing their B/C team. Finland is once again getting killed. How they have qualified for the Euro...
  10. Sokratis and Manolas need to be on this team. This form isn't sustainable without our best players. Some fans think this honeymoon will last forever. It's time for Sokratis and Manolas back. We dominated Finland even in the first match but lost through a lucky edge of the box penalty call.
  11. We are so much better than Finland, but they are very lucky. Again.
  12. A lot is strange about Bakasetas' selection in general. There's something JVS likes about him. I think he shouldn't be anywhere near the NT, let alone get minutes.
  13. First name on the team sheet for the NT no matter how good or bad he plays for his club.
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