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  1. Work rate, style, ambition were stupendous, but I do not think this form is sustainable without an injection of talent. Sokratis, Manolas, Fortounis back in the squad and Fetfa back in the starting XI. I'd play a similar lineup as today vs Armenia and if they display the same form, insert the the 2 CBs vs Finland.
  2. Injuries hurt us, and player selections/starting lineups crippled us.
  3. Fefta was dynamite in his last start, the only player that was a true threat. Result: benched. Bakasetas was atrocious last game, and every game. Result: first name on gamesheet.
  4. Did you see the backline he is fielding? Hatzidiakos and Stafylidis at CB. Silly.
  5. I can see us getting smacked today worse than vs Italy. We have a history with Bosnia and they are out for blood. They are also desperate for the points and came off a big win vs Finland. JVS's backline that he is fielding today is comically bad.
  6. Bakasetas has been one of the worst players I've ever witnessed for the NT. A disgrace. I can't recall a good sequence, let alone a good game. Donis and Fetfa benched for Bakasetas. JVC that is shameful.
  7. Agreed. All this mess stemmed from injuries to Fortounis and to a lesser extent Donis. That coupled with stubborn selections and poor tactics, it all went downhill fast.
  8. It's time to stop blaming egos and painting every who plays on a big club as problematic. When a team is losing, it is natural that the more established players of better quality get frustrated with at ones unable to keep up. After a while, that frustration boils over into ego and bad vibes around the team. Our NT failed because of the lack of quality in most positions, bad tactics and player selection. The sentiment that followed was to be expected.
  9. This is consistent with our no. 1 and no. 2 in every other position being left out or injured. This is truly Greece's C-team at best. Some of the players being fielded today by Van't Ship would objectively be 5th or 6th in the depth chart in their position.
  10. He was good at Nice, had some good spurts at Stuttgart and now is at Reims. In the context of our forward situation, no one has the pace and prowess of Donis other than Fetfa on a good day, but they are different players. The fact that he plays and is developing abroad is postive. Injuries have not helped his case. You are right, however, that he hasn't necessarily earned the praise. Remember, this is all within the Greek NT context, and no present forward has really shown more promise at U23.
  11. We are arguably missing our 3 best players in Sokratis, Manolas and Fortounis. I'm unhappy with the timing of the omissions, but I like the rest of the callups and I'm excited to see the product. Will be more excited if Donis and Fetfa get the start, as they are the only difference makers on the team in my opinion.
  12. I truly hope a conversation has been had and this decision is, if not mutual, understood by all parties. Sokratis is tired, is in his thirties and has already contemplated retirement. Manolas has an ego. I am afraid we have seen the last of these two, who were, in the Greek NT context, generational players, especially considering the next competitive matches are in an entire calendar year. Sad.
  13. I don't know everything said and done behind closed, but I do not agree with this move. Despite the fact that Sokratis and Manolas were pierced for Liechtenstein goal, these results were not their fault. These are two generational players for Greece, and treating them like this is a disgrace. Yes, our recent form is also a disgrace, I will say it before anyone else responds, but bad tactics and execution, along with lack of depth and talent in key positions are the culprits here. Desperate long-balls, aimless crosses, lazy back-passes, refusal to take on players, inability to enter the opposing box, lack of finishing, etc, cannot be blamed on the centre backs. This is a bold move from the manager. I hope we don't see the last of Sokratis and Manolas, but with the next competitive games being in an entire calendar year, I am afraid we will.
  14. This is an all-too-frequent narrative in Greek football.
  15. Mallen is already being linked to major clubs. Great to see our boy up there.
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