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  1. Tziolis was serviceable DM for a coupe of years, but those are long gone. Katsouranis was a CL level player for a good many years. Hard to compare the two.
  2. I see him being moved before the window closes unfortunately. I would prefer seeing him in a bigger league than Turkey though.
  3. Argy

    Pantelis Hatzidiakos ‒ AZ Alkmaar

    Hearing good things, but we are so bottom heavy on this team that it is very hard earning a callup as a CB. Could be a good opportunity to give him a nod in the coming games seeing Retsos and Kyriakos Papadopoulos will be out injured.
  4. It's tricky to judge anyone's individual performance, including the club as a whole versus a powerhouse like Manchester City. They are a level above anyone else in the PL and Arsenal will not be facing such a talented, organized and fluid side every week. All things considered, Sok was very solid today. Goals were not on him, did a good job marking Aguero out of the game, and already looks like a leader vocally and through example at the back. Expecting him only to get more comfortable with the new system and his teammates in the next few weeks. Tough task vs Chelsea next week. Sould be interesting.
  5. Argy

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    haha yea exactly. How do you pass up on a player that will likely be a top 4 CB at Arsenal this season? Especially considering your #3 and #4 NT CBs are injured.
  6. Argy

    Stefanos Kapino ‒ Werder Bremen

    24 for a keeper is like 21 in any other position. He still has time. Here's hoping.
  7. Argy

    NT Friendly Games

    I would think teams would take NL as seriously as Euro qualifying seeing there are real implications. Whereas friendlies were used mostly to try out players/formations. Am I wrong?
  8. Fetfa has looked good? I haven't seen any Oly games, glad to hear this.
  9. Argy

    Stefanos Kapino ‒ Werder Bremen

    Stefanos Kapino has been transferred from Nottingham Forest to 1.Bundesliga side Werder Bremen for 1 million euros. Big move considering he earned very few starts for Forest last year. Hopefully he gets his opportunity and seizes it. Still young and potential for a bright future for club and country.
  10. George, I'm sure you've seen the NT games. Is the most gaping hole not our forward creativity and possession in the midfield? I like some of our attacking midfielders individually, but they have mostly been impotent with the NT. I think Donis should be one of the first names on the team sheet and Fetfa should be given some serious minutes and some room to adjust if called up. Fortounis, Mantalos and Pelkas have my support, but have never really matched up to their opponents' midfields, even ones that are weaker on paper. Time to close Toro Greeks Abroad thread. Any further discussions can be held in the Greek National Team or Olympiacos FC forums.
  11. I'd say we need attacking midfield before DM. Zeca and Samaris can hold the fort if they can get some relief in the form of ball possession from their teammates.
  12. On July 28, the 33 year-old Torosidis returned to Olympiacos after 5 years playing in Italy for both Roma and Bologna. It was time for a move back home where I think he can have another successful couple of years. I will keep this thread open a few more days before it is locked.
  13. Argy

    NT Friendly Games

    Same here. Nothing has been announced yet.