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  1. Final Group C3 standings: Norway-13 Bulgaria-11 Cyprus-5 Slovenia-3
  2. Final Norwegian substitution: Berge IN Kamara OUT All changes have been made
  3. Laifis takes the free kick, over the net
  4. Second yellow! Red card, 10-on-10
  5. Yellow against Elyounoussi, free kick
  6. Odegaard, GREAT SAVE PANAGI! But the rebound comes to Sorloth, and he misses the open net!
  7. Final Cypriot substitution: Makris IN Zachariou OUT
  8. Bulgaria have scored, but Slovenia responded, 1-1 in Sofia.
  9. Red card against Sielis. That's harsh, yellow tops. He clipped Selnaes, but not maliciously.
  10. Cyprus: Fylaktou IN Kyriakou OUT
  11. Kamara and Sorloth, 2-on-0, GREAT SAVE PANAGI!
  12. Norway: Sorloth IN Elyounoussi OUT That's Tarik that comes out