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AEK -Panathinaikos

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This is gonna definately be our most difficult tie for the regular season and I expect it to be close.

AEK has improved significantly lately are we are gonna have to be on our best form.

Recent tradition is on our side since he have 6 wins in a row but that means nothing this weekend.

I'm curious to see how many fans AEK can get. They will have no excuse not showing up in numbers.

Recon you can fill up the 7.000 Galatsi arena?

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Massive game. Clearly we are the two best sides in Greece ATM. I think we need to knock them off.....for a lot of reasons. A home loss here will be disastrous. The other side of the coin is that we have been in hot hot form and I think we are going in burning here.

Look for Xatzis and Nitsevic to carry us if we are to get the points.

Clearly the best match of the season sta xartia.

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PAO is going to put an end to AEK basket ....... :box: :box: :box:

u got football but you wont get basket. we played benneton great......

are we going to be given tickets? it seemed on thursday PAO are really really anticipating this game....

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