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Zisis Vryzas (PAOK)


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Do you guys think Vryzas has a future with the NT? I would like to see him return to the squad for the qualifiers.

Although he scored 2 goals,i heard that he could have score 5 goals .He missed a penalty kick,too

He is a player with great experience and skiils.He s too old and slow for our National team but i think that a player with his value,in games that experience can change the result,can be recalled(etsi legete?)

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Reports are that Vryzas signed a 2-year deal with Skoda Xanthi. he is no longer a "player abroad".

Really? Thats a great signing for Xanthi. Experience for the UEFA Cup, assuming Greek sides are let back in :tdown:. I wonder if he'll still get goals.
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