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UEFA Europa League Qualifying: Cukaricki-Olympiakos (31 August 2023, Stadion Dubocica, Leskovac)

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Though Cukaricki is a Belgrade club, their stadium is not up to UEFA standards, so this return will be held in the city of Leskovac in southern Serbia. Olympiakos in the driver's seat after winning 3-1 at home. Another win, a draw or a loss by 1 and Olympiakos qualifies for the Europa League.

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23 Samurovic(GK)

6 Stevanovic(Captain)

15 Subotic

26 Drezgic

3 Tosic

21 Stankovic

14 Sissoko

45 Miladinovic

47 Nikcevic

70 Jankovic

10 Ivanovic




1 Belic(GK)

24 Filipovic(GK)

2 Rogan

7 Tomovic

8 Stojanovic

11 Adzic

16 Mario

30 Serafimovic

37 Owusu

66 Ahlinvi

72 Ndiaye

77 Kovac


Manager: Milan Lesnjak(SRB)

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1 Paschalakis(GK)

17 Vrousai

16 Freire

45 Retsos

23 Rodinei

32 Hezze

4 Camara

7 Fortounis(Captain)

21 Biel

19 Masouras

9 El Kaabi




88 Tzolakis(GK)

99 Papadoudis(GK)

10 Scarpa

11 El Arabi

12 Bah

15 Alexandropoulos

20 Carvalho

25 Porozo

74 Ntoi


Manager: Diego Martinez(ESP)

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This time he controls the dribble, great move and a bullet past Samurovic for the goal!

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