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I would love to start a new topic about the Greek national water polo team and it's upcoming FINA competitions. After what Greece did in the Tokyo Olympic games, I am starting to get involved in this sport more often. 

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The next LEN European Championship will be held in Split, Croatia on August 27 thru September 10. This is where Greece can try to claim it's first ever medals at these games. 

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Our water polo team always had a presence in the Olympics. Our only team sport that would represent us in the Olympics on regular basis all these years. No other national team can claim that.

We do have very competitive teams both in men and women, and I see success for both teams in the future.

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Greece water polo achievements 


Olympic Games 
Silver - 2020 

World Championships 
Bronze - 2005, 2015 

World Cup 
Silver - 1997

World League 
Bronze - 2004, 2006, 2016, 2020 

Mediterranean Games 
Silver - 2018 
Bronze - 1951, 1991, 1993, 2013 


Olympic Games 
Silver - 2004

World Championships 
Gold - 2011

World League 
Gold - 2005
Bronze - 2007, 2012

European Championships 
Silver - 2010, 2012, 2018 

Europa Cup 
Gold - 2018 

Mediterranean Games 
Bronze - 2018 

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The men's water polo team has not missed Olympics since 1980 games in Moscow. Prior to that the national team took part in the 1920 Olympic games. Here are the men's Greek National Team placings in the Olympics:

1920 - 8th
1980 - 10th
1984 - 8th
1988 - 9th
1992 - 10th
1996 - 6th
2000 - 10th
2004 - 4th
2008 - 7th
2012 - 9th
2016 - 6th
2020 - 2nd (silver medal)

The women's water polo was first introduced in the Olympics in 2000. The Greek women's national team took part in two Olympics:

2004 - 2nd (silver medal)
2008 - 8th

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