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Stories of Greek hospitality

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The Bulgars and the Bulgar slayers.


  1. The Byzantine Emperor Basil II Porphyrogenitus (958-1025) ) was/is known as the Bulgar Slayer (in Greek Βουλγαροκτόνος),

  2. The fans in Attica used to call the fans of PAOK Bulgars. The latter responded by saying “Thus the Bulgars screw you!“.

  3. A true Bulgar went to Salonica for the match of Ares -ΠΑΟΚ (Ares won).

  4. After went to have a coffee. There he was attacked by 20+ PAOK hooligans, masked, carrying iron clubs.

  5. The Bulgar tried to run away but he was hit by a car which ran over his body. Apparently the driver and the gentlemen with the clubs were members of the the same commando.


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1) Any normal society wants to become better. Therefore, it must find what does not work well enough and can be improved. Therefore, I am of the opinion that my posts are patriotic.

2) If you do not like what I write, the easiest solution is to not read what I post.

.3) You can inform Lazarus and his helpers of my lack of patriotism. They have the tools for keeping the unliked out of Fantis.

4) I have the impression that you may suffer from chauvinism. For this problem I cannot propose any cure.


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To be honest I am just trying to understand your motive. The fact that you have immediately gone into defence mode tells me that you probably do not wish to be challenged. Are you Bulgarian or are you in fact a Hellene who just wants to point out all of the disfunctional aspects of modern Hellenic society that we are already aware of?

I am not sure how you came to the conclusion of point 4. In fact I don't know why you wrote point 3 either.

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Last night I remembered Palamas who stated that “ το αληθινό είναι πατριωτικό”=”the true is patriotic”. I hope that what I will write tonight will be true, correct and hence patriotic. Sotiris Tsiodras was born in Sydney, Australia. He is so patriotic that he went to Greece and served in the army. He has 7 children and when possible, he serves as chanter at the church (ψάλτης). At this time he is the “Greek Fauci” but, unlike the US-Fauci the “Greek Fauci” created policies that have had results. Indeed ,

As of now, in Belgium (infections, deaths)= (23026,2244).

In Greece (infections, deaths )= ( 1832, 81)

Belgium and Greece have roughly the same population. The numbers suggest that either Tsiodras knew what to do or that Tsiodras prayed and God responded. Such marvels have not be seen after the exit of the Jews from the Egypt.

Avgi, Syriza's newspaper, printed an article that accused Tsiodras of all sins possible. The few rational members of Syriza are trying to move their party from the mud-throwers.


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And the last statement of Tsiodras:

"When I went to Mount Athos as a student 30 years ago, a monk told me that human virtue is not washed clothes that we hang on the balcony. Faith is an inner experience, an attitude of life. We must thank the Church and the faithful, who, as brothers, follow the instructions of the Authorities for the protection of the health of all of us, " he said.
Πηγή: iefimerida.gr - https://www.iefimerida.gr/ellada/i-istoria-toy-sotiri-tsiodra-apo-agio-oros

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