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PAOK vs AEK 11.03.18


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This is big, if we don't lose Championship looks good

Obviously game will be played without fans which is crap for Football but on this occasion will benefit us

PAOK is a good team so will be a huge test for us


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In only Greek style, PAOK will have fans at this game now and have also been successful in their appeal of the -3 points. PAOK is only 2 points behind AEK in the standings now so this game is huge

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Following a dissalowed goal by PAOK all chaos has stated at Toumba once again... Savvidis stormed the field asking his players to come off.

AEK has since gone to the dressing rooms... PAOK players awaiting 

Waiting on Reffs call now 

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Game has been abandoned, if all goes right we should get this 0-3 aka OSFP game, PAOK just can not control themselves and deserve a punishment.

Situation has once again carried on for hours... see what happens this time

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