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On February 3rd, 1908, our team was founded. I just wanted to mark the occasion and ask what are some of  your memories of Panatha?



I'll add mine later, but I remember many of us (some members aren't here any longer) writing, sometime in the early 2000s, that it would have been very fitting to celebrate our centennial (in 2008) in a new, modern home.  We actually thought that having a new home was very possible. But, of course, this being Greece....


I grew up at a time when PAO would win titles very regularly unlike the last 15-20 years.  For me, Tzigger was the worst owner. Yeah, there may have been others (some of you think Alafouzos) worse, but I size an owner by his time and economic ability. Tzigger allowed the "paragga" to emerge and as one of the most wealthy Greeks, he didn't do enough for the team, including getting us a new home. Gavroi got Karaiskaki for example.  Anyway, this is not about him.


But, Panathinaikos has been part not only of Athenian life but of greater Greece. A great club in so many sports, so many great athletes, so many memories. It's been part of millions of people's lives.


Well, times may be hard for us now, but I hope we'll turn this around.



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Cheers to you athinaios, and cheers to 108 years of this great club.

Sadly I haven't been around as long as you and haven't experienced the Panathinaikos glory days, but I hope that we can all relive them together in the near future.

I haven't been a Panathinaikos fan for very long time, only until about 2011 when I was 12 years old. In fact, I started off as a pretty passionate Olympiakos fan, and changed my mind because I didn't want to support such a corrupt criminal team (long story short). I didn't really have a team passed down to me from my parents, my dad being from Pyrgos (Paniliakos) and my mom from Volos (Oly. Volos) - but I chose Panathinaikos. I loved watching Cisse, Leto, Gilberto, Tzorvas, etc. through YouTube videos. YouTube is where I fell in love with Gate 13 and PAO as a whole, and when I visit Greece next it would be my dream to walk Leoforos (Hopefully this summer)

Unfortunately, when I became a PAO fan we all know how things went after 2011. But I stuck with Panathinaikos through the years of struggle, and I'm proud to wear a trifili on my heart. I missed out on a lot, but I will always love this team and hopefully in the coming years we'll all have something great to cheer about!

Happy birthday PAO!

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@athinaios, it's heart breaking that Votanikos Arena never happened and that Greek football, and Greece as a whole is in the condition it is, but someday I hope to pop a beer (when I'm legal lol) and watch a live Panathinaikos game with some of you guys

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I just sat this morning to relive the MAGNIFICENCE OF PANATHINAIKOS!


I wanted to relive those moments the made me an ETERNAL PANATHINAIKOS FAN!

It was back in 1971 when a 10 year old 4th grader was realizing what PANATHINAIKOS is all about!

Since then I have lived some of the most wonderful moments of my life following this club!

This is a 45 year story that keeps on going and I hope to God you young lads have the remote chance to live what I have experienced.


If you have the chance just watch this game and remind everyone which one IS THE BIGGEST CLUB IN GREECE!

When any other club reaches the GLORY THE MAGNIFICENCE AND THE ACCOMPLISHENTS OF PANATHINAIKOS, I will consider them as great!



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