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AEK - Lokomotiv Moskva

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No expectatations what so ever for this one they should go out and play without stress and complex like they did with aris they proved that we can string 2 passes together and actually play the one two.

Just give me one win europa moskva showed me absolutely noting its a damn shame besides ander beeing a class above the rest 2nd was are for the taking

If we barely got 10 000 for a derby match with aris i shutter to think what thursday will bring sad to see the aek nation exiling themselves from the stands breaks my heart

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Kostenoglou has let everyone know that he intends to rest his better players for the derby against Panathinaikos.

In other words, it will be our seconds that will be taking on Lokomotiv Moskvy* :(

*MOCKBbI - genitive of MOCKBA ;)

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Both he and AEK are having horrible years.

AEK will one day improve. :)

I just think when it's time for a game leave the game on, don't show us another turn from Papandreou or whatever politician as they all katastrepsane tin Ellada and now we have to listen to them even when we should be watching our beloved team (a nice distraction for many Greeks in Greece I believe)!
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