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Turkish Clubs Spending Big Money?

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Having seen Trabzonspor splash TL 4M a year to re-sign Burak Yılmaz, and Galatasaray paying Felipe Melo ? 3.3M per annum on loan, and even Eskişehirspor bringing former Galatasaray coach Michael Skibbe for TL 3.5M a year make me think if our clubs are going down the right path so as to upgrade their teams and franchises? Is big spending the only way? Why does nobody give a fog about youth development?

Here are some figures paid for some players and coaches this summer by Turkish clubs:

Fernando Muslera

Goalkeeper, signed by Galatasaray from SS Lazio for ? 4M + anchorman Lorik Cana, is going to earn ? 2M per annum for 5 seasons.

Tomas Ujfalusi

Centre-Back - Right-Back, signed by Galatasaray from Atletico Madrid for ? 2.2 M, is going to earn ? 1.7 M this season, ? 1.9 M next season.

Felipe Melo

Anchorman, loaned in by Galatasaray from Juventus for ? 1.5M, is going to earn ? 3.3M this season plus ?30k per match played, can be purchased for ?12.3 M until May 31, 2012

Paulo Henrique

Striker, signed by Trabzonspor from Westerlo for ? 3.6M, is going to earn ? 1.5M this season, ? 1.6M next season, ? 1.7M in 2013-14, ? 1.8M in 2014-15 and ? 1.9M in 2015-16.

Sezer Ozturk

Centre-Midfield - Left/Right Winger, signed by Fenerbahce from Eskişehirspor for ? 5.4M, is going to earn ? 1.2M in his each of 4 seasons.

Selcuk Inan

Centre-Midfield - Playmaker, signed by Galatasaray from Trabzonspor on a free transfer, is going to earn ?2M in his first two seasons, ?2.5M in his third and fourth season, ?3M in his last season on a 5-year contract.

Marcio Nobre

Striker, signed by newly-promoted Mersin IY from Beşiktaş for ?1.2M, is going to earn TL 3.3M per annum (? 1.5M) for 2 years.

Michael Skibbe

New head coach of Eskişehirspor, signed a 3-year contract worth TL 3.5M per annum (?1.6M) plus TL 500k (?220k) if he can take the team to Europa League or Champions League during his reign.

Burak Yılmaz

Winger - Striker, extended contract with Trabzonspor for 4 years worth TL 4M per annum (?1.8M).

We can give more examples as well.

The bottomline is our clubs can face big financial worries if they are not careful.

What do you guys think?

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problem is not so much the high wages but the length of contract, because if some of the players don't work out, say 2 years into a 5 year contract you won't be able to shift them without a big pay off. classic case in england liverpool have journeymen, the likes of poulson, ngog, jovanovic joe cole on big wages and long contracts who are quite content to not play. even if you loan them out you have to pay the bulk of their wages.

its good for the league that it can afford such wages, hence attract top players, that can only be a good thing for turkish football, but anything more than a 3 year contract is too risky

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