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O Salpi ekane sentra apo deksia pros thn perioxh, enas Kuprios apekrouse

xalara me kefalia xwris na thn stamathsei, h mpala eftase sthn perioxh,

enas allos Kuprios ekane la8os kai h mpala kulhse pros ton Karagounh,

pou me mia mikrh prospoihsh ekane sout, o termatofulakas (Nagy) epese

swsta men, alla den sugkrathse thn mpala pou perase telika apo panw tou.

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I know this might sound like going too far with sportsmanship but I really feel sorry for the Ano goalie. I don't like it when we score goals like that, I just don't enjoy them enough.

PS: 2-1 in Bremen

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Mind as well wrap it up.

This is an epic qualification. We managed to lose the easy games and we won the most difficult ones. We played some awesome games and we find our team in the best 16 of Europe by capturing first place in our group! Who would complain about that? What else can one say?

First in group and Champions League 16 baby :nw:

for our 100th anniversary and Ten Cate's birthday :tup:

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IF i was a female id pleasure every pao fan in here... and maybe even genome even though he is in belgium



Yeah how about that btw, I just noticed, first place ! ! ! Mpravo ! :tup:

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Yep, it's over baby. And it's 2-1 final in Bremen so we 're top of the group.

Cyber, I think I would rather go for tu quoque. Et tu is good as well, though. But what am I talking about? We 're through baby. Just think about it: 1 point in the first three games with two at home and then 3 consecutive wins two of which in Milan and Bremen. Monumental, I say.

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