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So far so good. Control game and we have come close to goal at least three or four times. Anorthosi looks like they are afraid to open up because PAO has put them on notice with the easy the move the ball in the box when they find space. They did miss two chances of their own though. Gilberto, Simao, and Goumas has been excellent. Mantzios is good too we need Kara and Cleyton to step it up a notch or two. 45 more minutes I hope PAO comes out on fire and scores early in the next half.

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I was looking at the first half stats:

Shots 9-4 Pao

Fouls committed Pao 13, Ano 8

Corners 6-0 Pao.

Going through will make my year. I am afraid of what could happen if we start attacking out of control :whistle: If it goes like this and we can create another 9 shots in the second half I am sure we'll win. We just have to go through the dreaded 15 first minutes of the second half.

BTW, Mantzios seems to be finding some space on the left side where he seems able to hold the ball with imputinty. Delas and Beuqj are out with an injuries :blink:

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