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describe the goal!

It's all a blur because I was jumping but here is my account.

Salpi with hardwork on the right and a really nice cross under pressure. Mantzios took a header in the near post and the ball skided backwards towards the fee of one Ano player who comfortably tried a short little pass to his teammate a few meters away. Karagounis was lurking on his back and anticipated the pass. He intercepted it and with a shot he managed to hit the goalkeeper who kind of blocked it kind of pushed it to the net. The rest is history.

Mantzios injured 82. He fell down by himself. Probably "thlasi" :( Roukavina in.

Werder - Inter 2-0

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come on man i just asked for a description i am not watching! should it not be a goal?

I did describe, it was cheap. Nagy should've had it, and like a spaz put it in
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