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Sofo is getting to be quite good, quite fast.

Turkey is helping us, why on earth cant our offense just score normally and flowinlgly

With the amount of rebounds and second chances that we are getting we should have been 10-12 points up and not be that close.
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Wow! what a game. Sloppy as fcuk, but we still did it.

Can someone tell me what is up with these "sky" passes, where they throw the ball high into the air to pass it to a teammate? Is this just a Greek thing or what? It was driving me nuts in overtime with the desperation passes, it nearly cost us the game.

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ok first off GREAT WIN


beat a rival, a top team, in a match of huge importance.

We were sloppy but deserved the win i thought.


I have NO idea about the sky passes, and I was wondering WTF. Theyre horrible. I'm not sure what coach seriously advocates them. There slow, stupid, and risky. I always thought its better step out and bounce pass, its tougher to read.

As for Spain, no it doesnt even matter. I would be quite shocked if Greece beat Spain, they are way stronger than us, depth and everything. We have a very poor offensive game, bad record with Spain, new team, and injury struck.

Even a Bronze would have been huge, we did not play the best tournament, I've been fairly certain it would be a Spain-Slovenia final anyways....

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Good luck to Grecee Against to Spain.

Turkey played the worst match in this tournument, Turkey was a disappointment for me in this match. it's not to lose Grecce that i told before Grecee was favourite but i hoped from Grecee better game too...With this game to win against to Spain impossible.

Hidayet was bad as usual but this game Ersan couldn't play too with only ''Kerem Tunceli'' and ''Omer Onan'' we can do this as the best. And the foul shoots of Omer Asık made me crazy. When Tukey has the ball and there were only 30 seconds Turkey had the advantage but Hidayet made a very basic mistake and lost the ball also gave the match.

I watch 2 bad teams this night Turkey followed Grecee during the match but at the end they couldn't catch.

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Definitely two bad performances from either side.. In fact three bad performances, including the referees who made costly mistakes for both sides, but that 24 second violation thing was ridiculous to say the least..

Spain will win it in the end.. With the skill and roster at their disposal, it would be a shame if they do not anyway but Greece definitely needs to improve to stand a chance against Spain... They defeated the unbeaten France by 20..

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Turks are already making excuses."It was the referees". "We didnt have Mehmet Okur". First off, Greece beat Turkey because of free throw percentage (74%-46% in Greece's favor) and rebounding (47-28 in Greece's favor). Regarding the absence of Okur, Greece has played the whole tournament without 4 starters, 2 of whom have won individual awards in Europe.

With a new coach and inexperienced players who won U20 gold in Europe and Fiba U19 silver a few months back, these young players held Turkoglu (the big NBA'er), and Ilyasova (the young Uzbekistani phenom, of Europe, with Turkish citizenship) to 13 and 11 points, respectively, INCLUDING OT, while Greece's Spannoulis and Zisis scored 23 and 14 points, respectively, more than those Turkish "stars".

So, Turkey lost to a "B" team

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The team showed heart and grit that I wish our football players only had half of. Kill Bill's shooting surprising me as he usually bricks them.

What gets me is the Eur. game is the lay-in shot rather than that the dunk which - if nothing else - puts you in a position for foul shots. Why did Koufos not play?

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