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The draw for Eurobasket 2009 to be held in Poland. Greece's division will play their games in Poznan. Greece were in Pot 1 with Russia, Spain, and Lithuania as a result of reaching 4th place in Eurobasket 2007 so they avoided the big teams in divisional play. I found this on fibaeurope.com

Group A - Greece, Croatia, Israel, FYROM

Group B - Russia, Germany, Latvia, Qualifier

Group C - Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Great Britain???

Group D - Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland

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Different format yet again for next year's Eurobasket. That qualifier might be a pretty good team, possibly France or Italy. Top three from each group advance. Group A and B teams will form a new group, as will teams from groups C and D, playing one game each against each team from the other original group.

From the new group, top four qualify and go into the knock out matches... 1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3, etc. until the final.

I think that if all goes well, we have a great shot at making the final. Won't see our friends from Spain until the knock-out matches, and if Greece finishes 1st in the group stages, and advances through the knock-out matches, we would conceivably have a Greece-Spain final.

Funny to see Great Britain in the competition but they shouldn't be ignored ...they have Luol Deng on the team and have been pouring money into the program, trying to get it to international levels by the 2012 Olympics.

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European Championships 2009 Divisions

Group A (Poznan)

1. Croatia

2. Greece

3. Israel


07.09.2009 vs FYR 16:30

08.09.2009 vs CRO 19:15

09.09.2009 vs ISR 19:15

Group B (Gdansk)

1. Germany

2. Latvia

3. Russia

4. last qualified team*

Group C (Warszawa)

1. U.K.

2. Spain

3. Slovenia

4. Serbia

Group D (Wroclaw)

1. Bulgaria

2. Lithuania

3. Poland

4. Turkey

*Additional Qualifying Round


1. Portugal

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

3. Belgium


1. Italy

2. France

3. Finland


New shirt of the NT

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image



(From Eurobasket2009.com)

14 May 2009

Lofty Goals For Greece Men

New Greece coach Jonas Kazlauskas will eventually gather with the national team players to begin preparing for the EuroBasket in Poland.

The Greeks will take on F.Y.R. Macedonia, Israel and Croatia in Group A in the Preliminary Round but the tournament doesn't get underway until September.

One thing Kazlauskas already knows is that expectations for Greece are sky high.

"The national team of men has a challenge ahead with the EuroBasket of Men in Poland," he said on Thursday.

"The Greek team always aims high. It's something that doesn't, and won't change this time either.

"Greece has a strong team and there are many good players."

Unlike his last job before the Beijing Olympics when Kazlauskas fielded endless questions about when Yao Ming would be able to train following of his foot operation, he does not seem to be facing similar issues with Greece.

"I am not facing problems in choosing some of them for the preparation," he said. "It's not time to announce anything, though."

Kazlauskas was speaking at the presentation for Greece's new uniforms. Two of his players, Theo Papaloukas and Andreas Glyniadakis, were also on hand.

"We feel already that EuroBasket is approaching," Glyniadakis said.

"The Greek national team sets high goals. We cannot think of anything else but the first place. It's a new beginning for us since we have a new coach. We'll try to achieve the best possible."

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i dont really like the new jersey...pretty corny and unoriginal. The flag on the side also make it look a bit childish - it would be cooler if it was just the greek cross and not the flag part. IMO.

Hopefully Papaloukas' participation will be limited to this jersey shoot for next year. Hes been awful and lazy in blue, and seeing how well he plays in CSKA and OSFP, says to me he just doesnt give a damn for the Ethniki.

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20 June 2009

Nilsen: Great Expectations

By Paul Nilsen

A devastating injury blow, a poor decision by a match official in crunch time, fantastic play by an opponent or dealing with expectation will all have one thing in common before and during EuroBasket 2009 - there is nothing much a national federation, the coaching staff or the players can do about any of them.

If a star player goes down injured, you are left to shrug your shoulders and reflect on rotten luck. In the case of a referees blunder, you inevitably rant for a bit and then eventually reluctantly accept that referees make mistakes too - a bit like calling the wrong play or a missed lay-up.

You might execute your defence perfectly but the star of the opposing team just comes up with a breathtaking and unstoppable play to win the game. Much as it pains you, there is nothing more you could have done.

So, that leaves one of the biggest factors ahead of and during any major tournament - dealing with expectation levels.

Sometimes players tell me during interviews that it is an integral part of being at the top level in any sport. They underline that pressure and expectation are things they can shrug off relatively easily - I am not always convinced by this.

After all, plenty of great teams have buckled spectacularly under the dreaded weight of expectation during tournaments - and not just in basketball.

It can be like a runaway train in the build up with no amount of sound bites or underplaying the situation ever truly lightening the load.

On the flip side, it is wonderful how so many underdogs can flourish and thrive without being shackled by expectation. It must be nice to just run onto the floor to have fun, enjoy it knowing that in rather crude terms,

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A couple of domestic teams in the Euroleague Final Four and Greek basketball is seemingly on an upward curve. (What an idiot!!! Its been on an upward curve since 1987 both domestically and in national tournaments. Its not a recent phenomenom). With a new national team coach at the helm and many key players coming off a good year, it seems to me that EuroBasket expectation is not just sky high but in danger of going into outer space - and not for the first time. However injury concerns over the likes of defensive diamond Diamantidis could prove telling and a little more balance and perspective may be required.

what a moron-

pao has 4 eurolegues the last 9 yrs plus final4 apps where they didnt win :LOL:

the nt won the european cup in 87 and 05, with a 2nd place in wc 06....

now were seemingly on the rise??? :blink: :blink: :blink:

weve been a top world side for years.... even in our miserable last euro we were semifinalists...

expectationswith the likes of spain greece slovenia? GB??? they have a basketball team??? :LOL:

this writer is not really one who follows basket....

howis it these idiots get published??

i still remember SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 06 preview: teams to watch----

they put germany and brazil :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

greece? nowhere. keep in mind they cited germany as a runner up in euro 05...no mention of the team that crushed them in the final anywhere...

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(From Eurobasket.com)

Greek squad for Eurobasket 2009 - Jun 29, 2009 (by Kostas Papadopoulos)

Greece will certainly present a very different look at this autumn's Eurobasket but that will not just happen because Jonas Kazlauskas has replaced Panagiotis Yannakis as a head coach.

For the first time since many years, the European Champions of 2005 face so many problems in their squad: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos (202-F-84, agency: FCM) is an uncertainty because of the back injury which prevented him from taking part in the Euroleague Final Four and the Greek domestic play-offs with Olympiacos, while Dimitris Diamantidis (196-G-80) is recovering from a laparoscopic surgery undergone two weeks before.

Panathinaikos, the club in which Dimitris Diamantidis belongs and which he helped to win all the Greek Cup, Euroleague and Greek domestic championship (treble), has released a statement about the defensive stalwart who is among the most famous basketball players in Europe.

Dr Konstantinos Konstantinidis, director of general, laparoscopic and robotic surgery of Athens Medical Center, performed the operation and said: 'The procedure was bloodless and lasted for about one hour. His situation will be re-evaluated in a few days. Next, a plan for his rehabilitation will be made in co-operation with the medical staff of Panathinaikos. Normally in these situations, four to six weeks will be needed.'

Both Panagiotis Vasilopoulos and Dimitris Diamantidis have been named in Jonas Kazlauskas ' 17-man preliminary squad for the Poland's Eurobasket, along with Thodoros Papaloukas (200-G-77, agency: Interperformances) although the Olympiacos guard is also an uncertainty, after writing in a blog earlier this week that he is tired and needs a rest. However, a meeting he had with Jonas Kazlauskas at early June may be proved critical for his final decision.

What is for sure is that Costas Tsartsaris (210-F-79) is not in the group, although that comes as no surprise as the veteran center said after last year's Olympics he would not play for the national side this summer. Who else comes along with him? Nikos Chatzivrettas (195-G-77) (having retired already from the national team), Lazaros Papadopoulos (210-C-80) (after the dispute he has with the federation), Michail Kakiouzis (206-C-76) (after last year's exception, due to coach Panagiotis Yannakis decision, though) and Dimos Dikoudis (207-F/C-77, agency: Court Side) (who wanted to rest last year).

Preparations will begin on July 21 in Karpenisi.

The 17 players of the preliminary Greece squad:

Panagiotis Vasilopoulos,

Andreas Glyniadakis (215-C-81),

Dimitris Diamantidis,

Nikos Zisis (195-G-83),

Kostas Kaimakoglou (206-C/F-83),

Nick Calathes (198-G-89, agency: Arik Krayn Services, college: Florida),

Kosta Koufos (213-F/C-89, college: Ohio St.),

Giannis Bourousis (212-C-83, agency: FCM),

Giorgos Printezis (206-F-85, agency: FCM),

Theodoros Papaloukas,

Stratos Perperoglou (203-G-84),

Antonis Fotsis (210-F-81),

Giannis Kalambokis (195-G-78, agency: FCM),

Sofoklis Schortsanitis (206-C-85),

Dimitrios Tsaldaris (196-F-80),

Loukas Mavrokefalides (207-C-84),

Vassilis Spanoulis (193-G-82, agency: Beo Basket).

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No Papaloukas for Eurobasket 2009

Papaloukas is Greece's best all-around player. But Kostas Koufos and Nick Calathes will be arriving from the States. Koufos was the MVP of U18 2 years ago and the MVP of the NIT last year. Calathes is a young kid with potential.

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No Diamantidis for Eurobasket 2009


Coach calling on 2 players


Might as well put in the FIBA U19 team that made the final against the USA or else Greece will lose the first match against FYROM :huh:

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No Papaloukas for Eurobasket 2009

Papaloukas is Greece's best all-around player.

:blink: :blink: :blink:

False. Papaloukas has been Greece's worst player the last 2 tournaments, careless beyond belief, and plain BAD in the blue jersey. Last Euro he was a total disgrace, and in the Olympics he was also poor. To be fair, Lazaros was probably even worse in 07, so no not the worst.

Also, when it comes to all-around player, its defintley not Papaloukas anyways. That would be Diamantidis, without a doubt. Unfortunatley he is out too.

As for FYROM....Our team is much much much stronger than FYROM. We do not need Diamantidis and Papaloukas (Papaloukas plays better on the bench anyways) to beat them by any means. Also, Papaloukas' role was already starting to diminish, because Spanoulis is taking over, and is the better player.

Our Euro team is going to be exciting because were showcasing the new generation. I dont expect to win, but we should qualify for the WC Basket. Weve got Kalathis, Koufos, Papanikolaou likley to be there, plus were going to have Spanoulis, Bouroussis, Fotsis, Zisis, and other young players like Perperoglou, Vassilopoulos Kaimakoglou, Printezis...If we had Diamantidis we could shoot for the finals.

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and with Nick Kalathis, Papaloukas is not going to be missed....Very big talent, great passer (a huge weakpoint in Papaloukas who passes to the clouds) and quick....not so much a scorer, but he really can make points happen.

Perperoglou is finally on the team after being left out for too long despite being superior all around than PELEKANOS who Giannakis somehow prefers.... :huh:

If only we had Diamantidis we'd look much better, Vassilopoulos would be a help too.

I like the new players coming up in this team, I think that we wont win Eurobasket this time around, but it'll be a vital experience in making a generation that WILL in the future....a ton of bright talent (Pappas, Koufos, Kalathis, Papanikolaou, Sloukas and way more coming up, then theres a generation right above them whos still young and breaking into the ethniki --- Vassilopoulos, Printezis, Perperoglou, Kaimakoglou, and great experienced players looks like it will be medal worthy in a few years.

The right time for the Giannakis era to end :tup:

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well we finally lost to Slovenia 60 something to 50 something.....

we had a bit of a breakdown.

We have a very talented team, but theres a lot developing, and I really feel that this is a rebuilding tournament for us, and preparation/qualification for MundoBasket next year.....We could have even more new faces by then, so Olympics 2012 is where I beleive this generations' first medal WILL come.

We don't need to worry about pressure for medals... Just to make sure we get in the top 4/6, and also keep our coefficient respectable so that we stay top seeds...

We've got a very fresh team, new faces, but also key injuries and not much time playing togehter........ see where it takes us.

FYROM next week!!!

We'll beat them- for our Macedonia :gr:!

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There were alot of FYROMians at the game today between Greece and Croatia. Watch this clip and, when the score is 50-31, watch them unfold a huge ancient Macedonian flag to taunt Greece


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whatever. These are the most pathetic people on the planet. Theyre a total joke of a nation and ethnic identidy. 100 years ago they were armed Bulgarian nationals, later Yugoslavs, and now they call themselves Makedoniya, a name of a land they cannot even pronounce correctly. Their national symbols had never any prevalance in the region they are in. Total fiction, total nonsense land claims on our country and people simply because Slavs were more prevalant at another time. Slavs that identified as Bulgars....Their capital is Skopia, a Greek word for watch tower, and every Ancient Macedonian artifact is littered with an abundance of Greek writing and national symbols...Their languages origins are quintessentially Bulgarian.

Anyways, we pounded them and nobody ever cares about what is FYROM basketball, which consists of one American player with nothing to do with that country at all. The whole tournament is nothing but a political show for them, because their country is useful at absolutley nothing other than spreading a total farse of a history and identity, that is what the state was founded on.

Basketball is more important than those scum.

3 games 3 wins, sloppy vs Israel but we pulled it off well. Croatia was a big win.

The team lacks the defense, but we're doing good when Kalabokis and Kaimakoglou are coming in and leading us. We rested Bouroussis...

We're on good course to meet our objectives. If good performances continue we may even be up for a medal!

Teams to beat are Spain, Slovenia, Serbia......Turkey/Lithuania will also be challenging.

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Greece is playing Germany today, Russia on Sunday, and France on Tuesday.

Greece has the best offense, 3rd best defense, and best point differential.

Only France and Serbia have better defenses and what is amazing about Greece having the best offense is that the highest ranking Greek scorer, in the tournament, is Spannoulis, who is ranked 13th! Kazlauskas is having them play an offensive tempo which I havent seen from Greece in years...

Oh, look at the roster for FYROM, compared to those of Bulgaria, Russia, Croatia, Serbia and Poland. Do you see any difference?

FYROM players' last names ending in "ov"

Vrbica Stefanov, Darko Sokolov, Riste Stefanov

Bulgarian players' last names ending in "ov"

Deyan Ivanov, Kaloyan Ivanov, Chavdar Kostov

Filip Videnov, Stanislav Slaveykov, Stefan Georgiev

Dimitar Angelov, Vassil Evtimov, Boyko Mladenov

Bozhidar Avramov, Todor Stoykov

Russian players' last names ending in "ov"

Nikita Kurbanov, Sergey Bykov, Vitalii Fridzon

Dmitry Sokolov, Anton Ponkrashov, Timofey Mozgov

FYROM players' last names ending in "ski"

Dimitar Mirakovski, Vojdan Stojanovski Pero Blazevski

Dime Tasovski, Todor Gechevski, Damjan Stojanovski

Predrag Samardziski

Polish players' last names ending in "ski"

Robert Skibniewski, Michal Chylinski Michal Ignerski

FYROMian players' last names ending in "ic"

Pero Antic

Croatian players last names ending in "ic"

Roko-Leni Ukic, Marko Popovic, Nikola Vujcic

Marin Rozic, Zoran Planinic, Mario Stojic, Kresimir Marko Banic, Sandro Nicevic

Serbian players' last names ending in "ic"

Bojan Popovic, Milenko Tepic, Milos Teodosic, Ivan Paunic, Stefan Markovic,

Uros Tripkovic, Nenad Krstic, Kosta Perovic

Novica Velickovic

Slovenian players' last names ending in "ic"

Jaka Lakovic Goran Dragic

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Skop names are either Bulgarian or Serbian in tradition, as all of their traditions are.

Not a whole lot to do to do with Poland or Russia, tho Russia has few similar names.

Team beat Germany, should have done better but win is a win.

Best play of the game, Sofo wrecks the place B)

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