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Greek Teams in Europe 2008-2009

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Ok so this thread is to track the progress of Greek Clubs in Europe this season:

Here are the draws as so far:



Maccabi Tel Aviv


Unicaja Málaga

Cibona Zagreb

Le Mans

Air Avellino


Montepaschi Siena

AXA FC Barcelona


Žalgiris Kaunas

Prokom Trefl Sopot

SLUC Nancy

*PAO was a THIRD SEED :angry: , after seeding in ULEB kind of went.......up its own... :whistle: Kind of pathetic to seed PAO 3rd, after one early elimination with virtually every year a final 4/cup/or worst quarterfinal appearance... quite dumb, but PAO should still be able to get out of the group

Group D

CSKA Moscow

Partizan Igokea

Real Madrid

Efes Pilsen

AJ Milano


tough group.....CSKA/Real/Efes..Partizan is also tough, but there missing 2 key players, and AJ milano should be beatable. I do beleive Panionios is capable of beating efes and real, though they got to be on...

TOP 4 from each group proceed to next round for another group phase..


Group A


Roanne (france)

Zadar (croatia)

Qualifyer (likely Cajasol, Spain)

Maroussi should be able to do it...

Group D


Turk Telecom

Bnei Hasharon (israel)

Qualifyer (either Panellinios or Telekom Basket (germany) or Kyiv, Panellinios likley iMO )

both Aris and Panellinios capable of getting through..dont know much about Turk Telecom/Bnei though, but Panellinios had a good run last year in the league...

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Euroleague has kicked off and here are our first results:

PAO - Zalgiris 78-51 :nw: - brilliant atmosphere and 15-16.000 people !

Air Avellino - OSFP 69-83

Real Madrid - Panionios 87-66 :(

So far so good....Panionios is in the group of death...unfortunatley not expected to do great things in their first Euroleague season but theirs still hope!

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I watched the Olympiakos vs Unicaja game today. Arent Unicaja a big team in basketball?

Well I dont know they took it to OSFP early in the game but Olympiakos showed that they have a good team this year :tup:

olympiakos looked good. This is the first time ive seen them play this year and im impressed. They won:

Olympiacos vs Unicaja 83 - 72


Regal FC Barcelona vs. Panathinaikos 90-66

Panionios OT vs CSKA Moscow 52-86

what on earth hapend to pao!? I thnik they have a good team on paper, but I dont know.Barca have good team too though

Panionios have had a rough start, but they got two hard games out of their way. Lets hope they can turn it around soon.

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I have no idea how PAO lost to Barca :blink:

aparently we had a horrible night..... :tdown:

We have a very strong team...though, to be honest Im not crazy about Nicholas is not the big scorer he was supposed to be...

PAO is still missing Spanoulis though, that is important to note because hes a big player.

We do have a strong team this year, and we cant be letting this happen again. Hopefully the game acts as a wake up call.

Unicaja is a good team, but OSFP was playing at home...

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good news!!!



Panionios first euroleague win, and they have a chance of going through Id say, after CSKA and Real of course they can beat Partizan, AJ Milano, and Efes at home in Athens.... then they could very well progress afterall :gr:

PAO in OSFP will be heavy favourites to progress...PAO almost let the lead slip vs Nancy but recovered calmly....OSFP plays tommorow in Croatia vs Cibona....

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Cibona has always been a respectable team.....


ULEB EuroCup will be starting up and more Greek representation to come :gr:

tonight "EuroCup" qualifying which i think is the new name for ULEB....sounds nicer anyways :LOL:

Kiev is playin Panellinios in a second leg where Panellinios leads the series by +27... if Panellinios holds on theyre through to the group stages i beleive - in fact theyd be through to a group with Aris Thessaloniki :angry:

they definitley need to have the seeding rules.....its crap that Panellinios has to play Aris......

FWI, Aris, Panellinios would be in a group of 4 (top 2 progress) with Turk Telecom and Bnei Hasharon (ISRL) .......I think we can beat them both out, but still.. :tdown:

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PAO 81

Siena 76

(tough match, PAO looked very sloppy but win taken :gr:)


Panionios 72

Partizan 70

Panionios second win in Euroleague, and a major one too after beating Efes Pilsen in Turkey.... :gr:

OSFP is up by 2 pts on Macaabi TelAviv at the moment, game has not finished.....

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Not really a European match BUT:

in European Basketball's BIGGEST Derby in terms of history and attendances:

Panathinaikos showed up and beat Olympiakos 86-69

:nw: :gr: :nw:

and BTW,

Panellinios hosts Aris tonight for the EURO Cup....Official European match between two Greek sides, nice seeding :tdown:

Should be a great game though Panellinios and Aris are the two best teams in Greece after PAO and OSFP well along with Panionios too, but they are all tough and respectable teams.

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Not really a European match BUT:

in European Basketball's BIGGEST Derby in terms of history and attendances:

Panathinaikos showed up and beat Olympiakos 86-69

:nw: :gr: :nw:


Damn I would have liked to see that...

And im even more upset we lost :tdown:

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Also didnt see the game...

but olympiakos beat Le mans 98-93 in France.

Our next game is at home to Air Avellino on wedsenday the 3rd. I think we should beat them. We beat them pretty comfortably on the road so well see.

Pao are away to Zalgris a team that is 0-5. I would have thought Zalgris would have been a good team because of Lithuanias strong basketball. Anyways though Pao beat them by over 30 last time so i think they can do it again.

And last Panionios vs Real Madrid. I think they can do it. Madrid arent as good at basketball as they are at football, but are still a good team. Id like to see panionios pull off a nice win here.

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Panionios DID IT!

Beat Real Madrid 68-66 !! :nw: :gr: :nw:

Panionios now in a 3 way tie for 2nd...

They have 4 matches left, including CSKA away, Partizan away and Efes/AJ Milano at home....will be tough, but doable! :nw: :tup:

OSFP beat Avellino easy 91-66

in EuroCup

Aris beat Bnei Hasharon (ISRL) 84-71 :gr:

Maroussi beat Roanne (FRA) 88-73 :gr:

and Panellinios lost to Turk Telecom 70-64 :tdown:


tommorow PAO takes on Zalgiris in Lithuania B)

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Im glad to see our basketball team is getting the job done in Europe. I dont know why I dont support them more? They deserve it! They actally go out there and get good results and play good basketball. The owners deserve it too, they actally spend money to put a good product on the court unlike Kokklis ( who I must admit is getting better at spending). I wish i saw the basketball game today insted of the football.. Good for OLYMPIAKOS! :nw:

And good for panionios too :nw:

Tommorw Pao vs Zalgris.. Id like to see that one..

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and PAO gets past Zalgiris

69-80 :gr:

PAO is tied in 1st with Barcelona and Siena now....

Group B

Barcelona 11

Siena 11

PAO 11

Prokrom 8

Nancy 7

Zalgiris 6

a win over Barca in OAKA would be crucial to taking the top spot now.. PAO has home games vs Barcelona, Nancy, Prokrom Trefl and an away game with Siena....

I think it is possible to win out the rest, and if we do its #1 in the group (mind you, PAO for some ludicrous reason went unseeded this year :blink: )

OSFP is in 1st with a point more than Unicaja Malaga and Cibona...

Group A


Unicaja Malaga 10

Cibona 10

Macaabi Tel Aviv 9

Air Avellino 8

Le Mans 6

Panionios is in 3rd behind CSKA, and tied with Real & Partizan for 2nd place. The game with Partizan will be massive for them.

Group D


Real Madrid 9

Partizan 9

Panionios 9

AJ Milano 8

Efes Pilsen 8

In EuroCup

In group D

1. Turk Telecom 2

2. Aris BS 2

3. Panellinos 0

4. Bnei Hasharon 0

(standings based on # of wins and point diferentials)

we need Aris to bail out Panellinios and thrash Turk Telecom, and if Panellinios can beat HaSharon theyre back in it :tup:

Group A

1. Riga 1

2. Maroussi 1

3. Zadar 1

4. Roanne 1

In EuroChallenge Cup (smaller tournament)

Olympia Larisa represents Greece and drew a group with


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Good and Bad News this week:


Malaga - OSFP 60-56

CSKA blew out Panionios 93-61 :tdown:

in EuroCup:

Maroussi lost in Riga 84-70 :tdown:

Aris - Turk Telecom 79-75 - very close but its a win :tup: :gr:

Panellinios -BneiHasaron 85-70 :tup: :gr:

so hope for Panellinios, win for Aris...

tommorow night is Panathinaikos - Barcelona in OAKA....big game!

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PAO with another loss to Barcelona last night in OAKA :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:

1st place in the group is now highly unlikely unless Barcelona loses somehow to the smaller teams which wont happen.

this PAO has a few strengths but doesnt really cut it for European competition this year. Too sloppy, and some signings like Nicholas and Kecman are just average to above average at best, they dont improve the team or bring up to a higher level, or even meet the quality of the players they replaces. Only Pekovic and Fotsis accomplish this for PAO.

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