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What does everybody think of sports in the olympics?

There are so many events at that are utterly useless, in my opinion, while real sports are being pushed to the side.

For example:

The overkill on events like airpistols trap shooting etc. I realize that they are contests, but does that make it a sport?

Equestrian - again, its competitive difficult, but does that make it a sport?

What is the definition of a sport by Olympic Standards?

Why do sports like Lacrosse get sidelined, while fake rivers are constructed for kayaking slaloms? What about field hockey?

Why is it that there is a whole arena for Ping Pong, Beach Volleyball, but nobody has considered Beach Soccer? (Which is great for attracting fans, athletic and competitive)

I heard they are going to make Golf an Olympic Sport? Is that true?

Anyways, just to open up discussion.....

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I don't know what something can be classified as SPORT. It may be the same like pornography... in the eye of the beholder.

But, I agree, that there are just too many sports and the host country goes into a tememdous expense building stadia, venues, and whatever for sports that will never be played there again. It's a waste.

I have a very negative view of the Olympic Committee--which is a private incorporated business. It used to be 100% corrupt, now, after citicism (especially how they ran the summer & winter Olympics in the US), they made a few cosmetic changes, like inviting (yes, it's only by INVITATION) a few great athletes to join. So, now it's 98% corrupt.

I'm old enough and got the inside scoop of the corruption in the late 80s, early 90s when Greece wasn't awarded the CENTENIAL olympics, 1996. The closed private club of the IOC was being lavishly entertained here in the US, plus gifts (like cars, jewelry, free college tuition for their kids, etc, etc). Atlanta and Salt Lake City got the Olympics. No surprise.

So, I wouldn't be surprised if a sponsor or somekind of another deal made the IOC to agree to all these "sports" being included in the Olympics.

PS>if they asked me, I could give them an idea of some sports to be included.

-circus acrobatics

-rodeo (like bull riding)

-something involving wood Lumberjacks

-best magic trick


[all involve athletic ability and years of practice; well, except those who'd do magic card tricks, but I couldn't see them advancing to the medal round!] :LOL: :LOL:

Drakos, instead of gold, I'd recommend to have the water pistol competition (many variations). You know, like when you go to a carnival and you shoot water into a clown's mouth and the person who bursts the balloon wins a crappy toy?!!!

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Stuff like sychronized swimming, shooting and archery and all that crap is the stuff that doesnt need to be there. What about something like like artistic gymnastics? Who in the hell decied that it should be a sport in the Olympics. Like all judged sports, artistic gymnastics pisses me off. Judged sports almost shouldnt be in the olympics. They all are corrupt. How can you train for your whole life do something, and let someone else tell you that your routine is not as good as the chinese. Any time there is a judge involved it is corrput.

As for golf. I personally cant stand golf. I think its a dumb sport that does not require any physical talent. But I think it would do well in the olympics because it has an international fan base and is a big sport all over the world. Where as something like lacrosse in pretty big in north america but only north america. It is not an international game. No other countries play the sport. I dont really lacrosse to tell you the truth, but Id rather see it in the olympics than something other dumb sport because it actally requires physical skill.

My bet is that someday the olympics will become so dumb. I bet you that we will see some stupidity like poker or any card game. And im serious. Once you start allowing the shootings, and the golfs and all this non-athletic activity, there will one day be a card game or somethign stupied

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If there going to include all these new "sports", then they need to at least bring back some of the Ancient sports from the original and true Olympics. :nw:

Here's a few:

Chariot racing (Ben Hur style)

Ancient Boxing (No rounds. Fight ends when opponent forfeits or is knocked out. Also boxer can be punched when they are on the floor)

Full contact fighting (e.g. Pankration)

Hoplitodromos (running 400-800 meters wearing armor, helmet, and shield)

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Thats the thing....

IOC is private - so why the hell are some sports there and not there?

Honestly does Olympic baseball have ANY popularity? Was hardly anybody there in Greece...What about shooting?

What about trap shooting?

Howcome no beach soccer? People prefer badminton? Crowds arent interested in beach volleyball meets the excitment and flair of short numbered football and teams like Brazil etc putting on a show? I have big trouble beleiving that btw.

BTW Chariot Racing - youd have to crazy not to consider it.

People wont want to pay HUGE for Chariot Racing in these olympic stadiums?

Personally I think the idea would be simply insanely popular. Who would not want to see that event, honeslty? There would be no excitement to see Chariots Race? It would be a MEGA hit with media, crowds, etc.

We have EQUESTRIAN for crying out loud. Why not make chariot racing a sport? The thrill, the antiquity, the speed ..... Unless the sport is too dangerous..

Bring back the ancient events- WHY NOT?

If these olympics are private....then anybody can compete with them...


Lacrosse is played in North America, Europe, places like Britain, Germany, Czech Japan, Korea and is spreading. Its a great athletic sport, and its origins are very old and similar to the olympians comparison with battle etc...

Also, their are THREE major North American Lacrosse teams Intenationally:

USA, Canada, and the Iroqois Nation (who should be able to get olympic representation).

There is a world championship every so odd years....So its very plausible, just give them a field ..... sport will be loads more popular than field hockey too....

I mean how many intl ping pong programs were there when they started out? Kayaking Slalom? Etc...

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It's a business that invites lots of abuse.

Too many sports, but there are sponsors and private deals with the IOC.

As for sexy, well it sells. Most women athletes compete in bikinis now, and I'm not talking about water sports. :LOL: (actually in swimming they wear/cover more now)

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