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Get him out then. Give him his freedom and whomever else wants to go...

It is not as easy as it sounds because:

1) he claims he is owed 500K+ euros

2) he claims thar 40% of his contract is worth another 500K euros or so,

3) PanIliakos claims that AEK still owes them money for his transfer, and

4) It appears that AEK does not have 1M in the coffers.

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I hear the Russian Billionaire owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich is thinking of also buying AC Parma cause there on the verge of Bankruptcy. Maybe he should come and save AEK also :P

In all honesty im a Olympiakos supporter and its really is upsetting and disappointing to see AEK, a superpower in greek soccer, go through all this. I mean even the AEK fans in Perth, Australia are frustrated about the situation and mine you AEK is the biggest supported club here. They got there own supporters club here!

All the best for you AEK fans out there and i wish success and glory for yous in the future (Except when yous are up against Olympiakos!!! :D )

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