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  1. does this trade impact giannis half of fame progress? wow harden to sixers. hinkie and brown finally vindicated and didnt have to get rid kids. sportsbetting3.com have all 3 teams close to get out of east but i think if harden turns it on they are unstoppable.
  2. UK are releasing all covid measures by the end of the month. seems a bit premature as they said london was a ghost town over xmas because it was almost impossible to go to the city and not catch it!
  3. anyone interested in march madness?
  4. its not super new but just watched power of dog cos of all the nominations it got. surprised really didnt really feel like the depth it could have had if it were on a movie screen. did not feel the atmosphere of the location which i think was meant to be a massive part of the story and how it created people like that out there. another revisit of western tho which says a lot about today.
  5. yeah i figured there was some reason for it but given how talented he is think he could have gone to a better situation than relegation fight in belgium. seems like the coach is unwilling to risk his job and play him in league so threw him 45 mins in cup vs anderlecht.
  6. anyone know the best youth players to look out for?
  7. still think they are favorites to win the east. sixers are doing well but lose stupid games and can not guard zone! nets are done out here and other teams dont have the exp for it. west is a lottery too so out of CP3, Lebron or GS legacy ballers for me. Giannis could handle any of them. apart from maybe a peak GS defense.
  8. not too happy about konstantelias loan to Eupen. Such a dump and team is terrible. don't really know what he could learn there that he could not learn playing more at home. maybe a change of scenery would be good for his character but watched a game and they are terrible. could not even beat seraing who are below them at home! he did not even play in that game.
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