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  1. If Sokratis can't go, I could see Croatia wiping us out, 3-0. Things could unravel. We need to park the bus and hope for a dogfight
  2. Roma hoping to get Manolas back Nov. 5, which would give him a tune-up for the Croatia series. This article notes his desire to be back for the Greek playoffs: http://www.gazzetta.it/Calcio/Serie-A/Roma/16-10-2017/roma-lesione-adduttore-manolas-out-3-4-settimane-2201361281464.shtml
  3. Two questions: What is the actual status of Manolas? And what are the two dates for the playoff?
  4. Looks like we dodged a bullet. Manolas only expected to be sidelined a week: https://extratimetalk.com/kostas-manolas-thigh-injury/
  5. Thigh strain for Manolas. Doesn't seem overly serious, right? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4982966/Roma-face-injury-crisis-ahead-clash-Chelsea.html
  6. Seriously? You're actually saying someone deserves to be beaten by 20 people for wearing another team's jersey?
  7. I haven't watched enough of any of the team four potential opponents to know how Greece might match up. Anybody have any insight into how Greece might exploit or be in trouble against Italy, Denmark, Croatia, Switzerland?
  8. Yeah, that is interesting on the players. Sounds like Denmark is definitely the one team we'd want to draw.
  9. Ok, so it’s going to be Switzerland, Italy, Croatia or Denmark... who would we prefer to draw? Who do we absolutely not want to draw?
  10. Just to note: Greece is a freak Gilbrator goal away at the moment of being eliminated. Need to at least get the second goal to eliminate that possibility. EDIT: Nevermind!!
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