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  1. If Greece come out and perform as they did vs Kazakhstan I can see us being up 2 goals by halftime. We have the better eleven overall. Go ??
  2. I agree with you but they did a draw after qualifying ended. Wales also gets two home matches and will play Poland at home. Greece have won the last 4 matches in Georgia. Most recently in 2022 wcup qualifier 2 nil. Georgia is a better team but we have improved a lot since JVS left and Poyet has the team beating countries that Greece should be beating. Let’s Go ??
  3. You’re right Greece can’t look ahead. Have to focus on Kazakhstan. They have improved and got a win vs Denmark. Overall we have much more talent and depth on our roster but the team has to come out ready to play from kick off.
  4. I thought Tzavellas retired in November? I can understand having him around the guys as he has experience and can help them approach these matches. Glad to see Tzolis called up hopefully Poyet puts him on the field with Konstantellias and our attack looks formidable.
  5. Greece vs Germany! Great test. First Greece have to knock out Kazakhstan and then Georgia or Luxembourg.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. England will most likely get a cream puff WCUP qualifying draw and get first so then if Greece finish second in Nations League it might give us a playoff spot if we need it. As for the group I am confident Greece will get 2nd place and push England for top spot. We will get a result vs England as we got a 2-2 draw against a much better France.
  7. Greece got the tougher group. I thought we would land in Wales group. England will be tough but you never know they got smoked by Hungary in last NL. Looking forward to playing those English fools. Finland away is always difficult but I see us beating Ireland twice who will be at the bottom of this group.
  8. What a disaster! Saka shoved him. We need our starters to be fit and ready for March. Very concerning.
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