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  1. is it just me or is mantalos not as great as people make him out to be. I am an aek supporter but I don't rate him one bit. fourtounis at his worst is better than him at his best lacks creativity. Mantalos scuffs too many important chances.
  2. what a disaster a greek team in the 90s or the early 00s would push a 10 man barca. just shows you how low greek football has gotten. looking at the highlights olympiacos didn't create anything especially in the first half.
  3. They struggled against turkey the whole campaign surely we can do the same
  4. I don't fear these guys at all we just must play out a draw away! I rather play these guys than Italy at a full stadio olimpico! These guys have tempers drain there game let them make the mistakes!
  5. Let be quite honest Croatia are doable! They might have individual talent but I don't think they gel like a team
  6. thank god manolas is ok. we need all 3 centre backs fit and ready to play. we must not concede to win. that's my opinion. aslong as we don't concede we just need half a chance to take the tie.
  7. i agree the government stuffed up building all these track stadiums during the Olympics. build a stadium without a track in crete or a stadium which allows for the seats to be moved onto the track like edithad in Melbourne.
  8. lets be quite honest here. I think Italy would want to avoid us and Sweeden. Same goes for the rest of the seeded teams. because we scrape a nil all draw in the first leg and pull something in the second leg. Espn said we like to choke the opposition in the most boring soccer fashion haha.
  9. We can beat any of the seeded teams on our day. But I would think that we must fill our stadium (oaka). hope that we play at home in the second leg. Cause we can play our old fashioned style defensive football away first scrape a nil all draw and then come to Athens and get the job done. I would love to knock Italy out but then again I wouldn't want to lose to them either. Denmark would be by far the best team to draw.
  10. I totally agree. We deserve a playoff spot at least. we played Belgium twice and should of taken all 6 points. we were all over them in Athens. O theos einai megalos!
  11. The only thing that worries me. If you think about if you are Belgium would your rather face Greece in a world cup or bosnia. being that we created the most trouble for them. I would say you would rather face bosnia in the world cup. This might be too far forward thinking however you never know.
  12. I just don't see Belgium losing after they beat Bosnia 4-0 in the first tie. I feel like Bosnia's defence is not strong unlike ours. And like others have said previously these players are playing for a spot in the world cup squad. Belgium's B team will bring their A game. We have been unlucky in campaigns prior to euro2004 maybe our luck will turn for a change in world cup qualifying. We were always been the team which just misses out prior to 04.
  13. this has got to be the worst I have ever seen oly play at karaiskaki for years. don't understand why the defence was pushing up so early leaving massive wholes in the back. even after the first goal you would think you would tighten it up abit let the nerves settle and then try get a goal from a half chance before half time. also another thing to note is that this just shows that we are in mid September and the players are yet to have a lot of games under there belt. this always seems to be the case with our league starting so late. players are unfit and have yet to hit the intensity that is needed.
  14. I don't want to sound negative but I think we will miss out. don't understand why we didn't come out and play against Estonia. This is killing all us supporters having to wait another 4 years for a world cup appearance. I thought them days were in the past but greek soccer has unfortunately fallen to the dark years again where we finish 3rd in our group and miss out by a point or two. We need the 6 points for ranking purposes. euro2020 groups will be made before the world cup.
  15. yeh I think we are done after montenegros win this morning! not going to even watch tv in them 4 weeks. Estonia game cost us everything.
  16. don't understand why everyone thinks Belgium is going to throw away the game in Bosnia. They want to remain in top pot for the world cup. plus their players will be fighting to make the squad for the finals. Italy just lost there first game in 56 games in world cup qualification. Do you think Italy hadn't qualified in past campaigns with a game to spare.
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