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  1. Our acadamies are not producing players like other balkan nations our players are not as hungry for glory! We should be the best in the Balkans! Population wise including the diaspora we are way bigger than other nations in our region
  2. Mate the game was over with that karnezis blunder! To be down 1-0 after the first 15 minutes doesn't work for us! I actually don't know why we didn't play a diamond 5-4-1
  3. as an aek supporter I don't rate mandalos. but yet again I don't know who is worse mandalos or foutounis. is it that the greek league has dropped in quality so much that these guys are stand outs.
  4. don't understand why lazaros didn't get a run. even tactsidis. we needed quick players today.
  5. miracle to get through mate. I just want to see some changes in the squad for the future. today showed that defensively we have become shacky against the big sides. karnezis should of not started. personally anestis should of started.
  6. wont be watching any tv next year during the world cup. Netflix it is. I am guttered. unfortunately we don't score 3 goals in a game even against Cyprus.
  7. mate sundays game is going to be a walk in the park who in there right mind will buy a ticket now.
  8. Fourtounis for me was good in euro2012. I haven't seen anything great of him since he moved to olympiacos
  9. everytime I watch a video of the ethniki training and even any videos leading up the matchday they all look like there on a holiday. birthdays dinners and stroll in the park
  10. with players like maniatis, tzarvellas & tziolis we are going no where. these 3 players that would even start on the gerogian national team.
  11. yeh I can see a 6-1. good luck to us in Athens with no crowd showing up. it will be like a friendly not a world cup qualifier.
  12. The biggest issue has been this whole campaign that we haven't been able to string two consecutive performances! I would I hoped that we could perform today at least 2-1 loss! And scrapped at least a 1-0 in Athens! no depth has killed us!
  13. Can we qualify? I just can't see us pulling it off this time! Problem is we don't have any depth in the squad and don't really have a player that can come off the bench and spark us!
  14. we just need a 0-0 all in Zagreb and a 1-0 in Athens may god help our ethnos. ive got a feeling if we do get the 0-0 in Zagreb this manolas suspension will be a blessing in disguise. He will be fresh in Athens.
  15. we need sokratis for the first leg. We need some form of leader ship on the field. Im worried about a wipe wash in Zagreb. lets be realistic a new back line is not going to do us any favours in this match. this is not a friendly where you can try new tactics.
  16. Got a feeling sokratis will play just don't how our defence will be without manolas and torosidis! Yes torosidis is reaching the end of a great career but he has always created a spark when needed
  17. I think Sokratis walked off to prevent further injury just a knock I think he played it safe
  18. I wish feftazidis and ninis were in there best form! They both had so much potential just wasted talent in the end!
  19. Mantalos is not a huge loss I personally think fourtounis will do the job with samaris or even tachtsidis. however donis is the one im worried about.
  20. can some please tell me if we have any upcoming creative midfielders?
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