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  1. This goal might be the goal that will change our campaign. after a dreadful first 35 minutes. The boys showed great spirit. we can beat bosnia away if we prepare ourseleves and show up. as for Belgium I just hope the pirate ship shows up.
  2. 8000 at the Cyprus game shows the kind of ppl greeks are these day divided and anti there own ethinicity. I say bring the qualifiers to Melbourne we will fill the aami rectangle stadium.
  3. mate I don't understand how people in Greece put there club in front of the national team. Secondly EPO is not doing enough to promote the national team. they should make sure that the stadium is full at all times give away tickets to families if they have too. kaftazoglou stadium would be a perfect candidate I would even consider roofing the whole stadium. even get rid of the track increase the capacity to like 35 thousand.
  4. had we kept santos we would of been in this euro. but everyone wanted attacking football.
  5. couldn't be happier with the result. If we need to play like this to get results so be it. that is the only way we are going to get back on our feet with confidence. there no point to keep trying new things we all know what are our strong points and our weak points. if we don't cop a goal cause we are playing defensively we still get a point. hopefully we can get a inform striker and start playing counter style soccer again.
  6. to be quite honest I don't think olympiakos have anything to do with stopping us building a stadium. if it wasn't for the Olympic committee being so desperate and forced to build karaiskaki olympiacos would be in the same boat as us. I remember they were trying to build a new stadium in rendi for ages.
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