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  1. Spot on! I also take out Koulouris; however limnios is a must; pace and defends. Rare skill for Greek wing.
  2. This exactly what espn plus commentators said; they actually mentioned him 3 times; also stafilidis (but him in a negative way).
  3. On Manolas speed: I never thought is was really that fast; in game situations I have seen him get outpaced/outrun occasionally even in Superleague. I believe it happened on another of NT losses a couple of years back against North Ireland. He reach Pukki but how fast Pukki is? However I was surprised he was not able to faul him. Actually in the play Papastathopoulos covered more ground. Quincy that used to play for PAO was really fast. I cannot play blame him for being outrun; I blame the CBs position.You can not be 5 meters ahead of a CF.
  4. We are in agreement. With all the respect to Koulouris he is not as good as Mitroglou in any aspect of his game. The Samaris, Bouxalakis duo is way to slow in both running and flow of game. However, Bouvalakis has good long ball but Samaris offers nothing. Voursay showed nothing special; I am sure he has talent but need to prove it; Limnios has seed and experience. Bakakis, as this point is twice the player that Toro is. I don't know if Donis was injured but I don't see how he was not called up. He is way too good.
  5. Btw. Lod is a good player. Definitely a starter in the Greek NT. He does everything reasonably well.
  6. What is surprising is how much faster the Armenians were than the greek defense. It was scary. And the problem is than none of the young players (apart from limnios) have any speed.
  7. Correct; Bakashitas offers nothing. I better play Mayrias an RM and move Sokratis at RB and Siovas at CB..
  8. I find this strange but, imo, explains a lot. Samaris: "I can not understand why there is so much pressure" http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/euro-2020/article/1364111/samaris-den-mporo-na-katalavo-giati-yparhei-tosi-piesi ... At the same time, he said he can not understand why there is pressure and only three games have passed in the Euro qualifier group. . . .
  9. My 2 cents: Disappointing performance. Apart from coaching it is about talent/playing with consistency. Apart from our 2 CBs (and I have some issues with their play) we have 3 ok keepers and 2 players that can deliver consistency Fortounis and Zeka. Thats it. Donis and Mitrodgou while talented have not been able to help different reasons. Take Samaris for example. On first view he is a very talented 8 type midfielder. On the Belgium game he was late on a marking and resulted in a goal. Yesterday he missed a marking couldn't catch up and resulted in another goal.If Zeka or Siopis were in his place nothing of these is happening. Stafilidis plays like a crap. IMO, also Manolas & Papastathopoulos played very average. Are not they supposed to be our best players? On an other goal an Italian player blow by Manolas easily. Actually both of them along with Siovas looked slow. I believe that Papa is on the decline. I am a Zeka fun, and I believe even at RB he was our best player in first half; Fortounis was in the second.
  10. For the very little I have seen him, he has more ball control than bakasetas and can play as a second striker in the box something that mantalos and pelkas cannot do. Also can create his own shot, something that koulourus cannot do. Give credit to anastasiadis; instead of playing players out of position (3 CM), he plays the best of them, Fotounis, and finds players player to play when needed. Both masouras and Kolovos are such players; good enough to make positive plays.
  11. Not me! I am the "president" of Zeka's fun club. If you rate his performance's in NT games he has played he is on to tier along with manolas, soktakis & fourtounis.
  12. In 2 games we have created more chances and showed more attacking mindset than the in the past 3 years. Masouras kai Kolovos can help; I like Siovas btw. The one that I don't like is bakakis; we should find a better option. Fourtounis was very good; Zeka's versatility is huge.
  13. Btw, even at this stage and against easy opponents bouzoukis can offer so much more than bakasetas.
  14. Bakasetas and bakakis out of place. Siovas and kourbelis have nice passing.
  15. Positives: Vlahodimos played well; he is by far the best golie we have with the ball on his feet. I liked Kourtis; watched him first time but played well, husled, good crosses. Siovas looks good; better than K Pap. Fortounis (in form), sokratis & zeka (for what he does) played well. Toro showed that he has the quality no other RB has. Negatives: Mantalos, Mantalos, Mantalos We need wingers; add Limnios and Xatzigiovanis like yesterday.
  16. Dean97, assuming that he improves as he gets more experience, I believe that he is better as a CM as he is not really fast but has great vertical passing. His pass on Makeda in the initial minutes against PAOK is such an example. However even at the wing he plays well, as he can pass to the other side well and switch possesion. Having witness the Ninis progression; I state that Bouzoukis needs to work on his game. Ninis game was more based on quicness and once that got away at 18 (due to issues at κοιλιακους) he did not adjust. Also he was never strong something that hindered his play. Buzoukis is stronger and it seems that he can still grow on him body.
  17. Having watch all pao games this season, bouzoukis is by far the best midfield prospect we had the last 15 years (after karagounis). He needs to improve and gets stronger. Hopefully in 1.5 years he manages to fufills his potential. He is a left footed midfilder with vision and great passing and skill. He also tries to defend and not just sits around waiting for the ball. Even now, his passing tops that of any NT player.
  18. Kolovetsios in NT? No way; IMO he has no talent; he is the worst player in current PAO team. BTW, Kourbelis/Zeka at midfield should do fine.
  19. Watching the WC everyone is coming to same conclusion: Speed and constant running in the midfield is everything. IMO, Taxchidis and Samaris don't cut it. We need to find 2 more athletic midfilders to play along Zeka. This is the key; I hope androutsos shows that he can play at top level, and kourbelis can help for sure. Also a reliable golie goes a long way; I don't see anyone capable of stepping up.
  20. I am almost certain that Kourbelis will do better that Tsiolis and, given the way Samaris is playing, he will play better than him also. IMO, Tsiolis has been doing the job he is asked, but Kourbelis can do it a little better. He has been playing for PAO, for almost a year; last year he and Zeka composed the best def-midfield duo in the super-league. Watch all the debris in the second half; they were the best (except the 4-O in toubma where Zeka did not play). Playing along Zeka helps but is he is strong, faster than both Tsiolis and Samaris, can also play CB. Furthermore, he can pass a little (if you pay attention you will see it). I like Siopis (but have not seen him much), In this post I am comparing Kourbelis to Tsiolis/Samaris and not Siopis; Actually, a midfield of Kourbelis, Siopis, Zeka and Stafilidis is the best defensive midfield that we have (however, Stafilidis play like s%$#! in Croatia); all of them are aggressive, can mark and run.
  21. Also refs same crap; Zeka got the ball early on; we had 2 players moving in the box and he gave handball.
  22. However notice that Zeka came to PAO as RM. skibbe wanted a defensive lineup and both Samaris and Taxtdidis cannot play on the wing. With Mantalis and Donis out he had limited choices. He could have played ------Tsiolis Zeka Lazaros ------------- Stafilidis He went for defence (given that Zeka can play and played Mandalos position well) but Samaris and Stafilidis played horribly. This is the issue; Change Samaris with Siopis or Kourbelis and have Stafilidis play his usual aggressive game and we will do better.
  23. One problem I see for people that express an opinion on players is that they don't see them play every day, day in and day out. People follow their favorite team, but other than that they see other players 3-4 times a year. As a PAO fun, I have complete kwoledge of Kourbelis (+) and Koutroubis (-). However, how much my opinion on Pelkas or Bakakis is really factuall. As most people I can see that Pelkas has skills (ξερει μπάλα); however, is he consistent, can he mark, can he run the whole game, does he makes stupid decisions. Honestly I don't know. However. I know that Kourbelis is better than Tsiolis and Samaris, especially Samaris plays now for the NT.
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