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  1. Turkish teams especially have not been doing well. We must capitalize. Asteras needs to also make a good run. As for Atromitos, we can just hope to milk out a few more points from them
  2. Didn't know if they're already was a thread for this but since our teams seem to be doing well thus far in Europe i figured we see the big picture of them
  3. Following Greek Clubs in European competition, they're successes, and it's effect on the country coefficient
  4. yes that's what i feel and hopefully I'm thinking two make it through
  5. Paok with the win. Atromitos also come away 3-1 victory. Not much was expected for them but they are looking good. Panathinakos impressing. Greece slowly stacking up the points.
  6. hopefully we can keep this up and avoid a collapse. I think Tudors disciplinary stance will really help ensure we don't have another collapse. PAOKARA!!
  7. It was Tudors first big game of course he would go with a defensive lineup ( ill be it not a good one). However the away goal was crucial and I see several changes in the line up especially tzavellas. They will park the bus and that favors us because Mak and Salpi in particular need a lot of chances and i see Salpi in particular finally finding the target. After the first goal i see us completely breaking them down and i picture a 3-1 win. Mistakidis should start as well
  8. I suppose there is still just a part of me that still believes we can go thru XD
  9. Considering the fact that Salpi will most likely be getting the start upfront for paok in a 4-2-3-1 until the situation with Lucas and Peyrera gets sorted out, I say we wait and see what he's got left. He's looked impressive in Paoks preseason and he always comes in clutch for the ethniki. Even if it's just for leadership or a model for Karelis and our other younger options, we need someone like salpi who we know won't miss chances like mitroglou and also help defensively. Give him one final opportunity to create a little more magic for us. HELLAS!!
  10. Think about it. In 2004 greece won then tied then lost in the group stage. History repeats itself XD
  11. Well that was too close didn't really impress in the group stage besides the first game. The semis will be tough
  12. Hoping for the final game with Hungary to be the deciding game. Northern Ireland is only 1 point behind Romania so it's likely they would make the push in these last couple games to over take them therefore giving Hungary a loss. Likewise Romania want to hang on to the top spot and as already stated in the forums don't like Hungary so there is a double incentive.Its on us and it's ridiculous to think that based on our performances thus far but hopefully we'll have kpaps and some more youngsters in the line up such as bouchalakis and gianniotas. There is still a chance but the boys gotta want it
  13. We gotta believe and hope the boys do to !! Greece always pulls off what seems to be the impossible !! HELLAS
  14. It seems very few, Socratis being one of them, actually played like they cared. I believe there are so many problems within the ethniki and EPO and you can't say talent is the problem or we overestimated our players when only 2 of the starting 11 play in Greece and our team had players from Portugal Italy and Germany. talent isn't the issue, we have no leader and the team seem to have lost the fire and the desire Greek teams are known for
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