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  1. JVS (vhs) is a fan of a RB named George Baldock 26 years, plays for Sheffield Utd, who are playing great football atm. Greek heritage through his grandfather. He might be a shot ahead of Masouras as RB. Like to see Bouzoukis get a call as well Deanos..

    Looking at the kind of talent pool around for Greece, how were we all hypnotised into thinking that we can't attack, except on the counter and have 10 players parking the bus? 

  2. Despina is a good judge, claiming the team going forward in 2020 in an attacking formation 3 4 2 1:


                                   Mantalos              Bakasetas              

     Giannoulis            Kourbelis            Galanopoulos             Limnios

                 Stafylidis (c)        Hatzidiakos           Bakakis



                      Koulouris . Fortounis   Fetfa    Donis .  etc.





  3. 18 minutes ago, Bardouuu said:

    That s%$#! he tried to pull on Pukki had me pulling my hair.. I don’t understand why he thought to flick the ball back over the most inform striker in the group... I like stafylidis but he is not the CB Greece needs. And we really need an aerial threat in this line up which should atleast come from the CBs

    As long as Stafy is skipper, that's the deal. Replace him then get in an aerial threat. He is there now, the team has won 3 in a row. There is no place atm for Mykonos fc CB's..they may want to sing some R & B songs on a CD or something .

  4. 5 hours ago, La Mendel said:

    Guys Im glad we won but this will be hard... I am not sure Schip will be able to steer us to the haven of World Cup 2022. His team played really well but against minnows and average sides. Yes, Finland and Bosnia are average teams. Do you think this attractive team can hold the fort against Germany, Belgium and the likes? If we wont qualify, the next tournament will be in 2024. Schip will got the sack long before that... His successor will be maybe worse than Skibbe, Anastasiadis, Ranieri (rock bottom) and the likes...

    Our talent pool is limited. Koutris was not included in Olympiacos Champions League squad while Avraam was. Think of that, a 34-year-old Avraam is better according to Martins (who is probably a better coach than Van Schip) than Koutris, a really talented NT player... A bunch of talents like Androutsos, Manthatis and Durmishaj have been loaned out they are not even in the squad at Oly! Vrousai, Vasiliadis Pavlidis are promising but I am not sure whether they will be able to dominate the game like they did now if they will play against Spain or Netherlands. Galanopoulos was really good, I am quite surprised. I cannot see where Zeca will play or whether he will play at all in the future. Kourbelis, Bouchalakis, Bakakis (especially the latter) are not young any more. Possibly they wont develop really. Torosidis is finished. He said he wanted to retire after this season. Stafylidis as a centre back is error prone. And this was only Pukki now. What will he do if he will manmark/defend against Zaniolo, for example? I really hope Manolas and the likes will have some role in the future.

    TL;DR: 1. Our young players have not been put to a real test yet. 2. Quite possibly we wont participate at a tournament until 2024. That would mean another five years without any real success!

    No one can dominate Spain, and maybe we win our next match and its four in a row baby!!!

  5. Ethniki are a young and talented enthusiastic team, they have a good structure and culture atm. They will continue the modern style of pressing higher up. This also improves our attacking game as well as creating immense pressure for the opposition.

    Another thing, the Geradiko sells yeeroses either chicken or pork, both including chips inside, whereas, an actual Yeeros shop has lamb, beef or chicken. Why are they different ??

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